Check/ACH Forms

Please note that it can take 6-8 days to produce either a check or ACH payment once completed payment documentation is submitted to Accounts Payable. If the payment documentation is incomplete, payment processing may require a period of longer than 6-8 days. For vendors who accept payment via Visa, payment can be expedited.

The Check/ACH Request form, along with proper  back-up and receipts, should be used for the following types of direct payments:

  • Building and Room Rental and Lease
  • Cashier Payments (Loans, Advance Reimbursements, Short Checks)
  • Doctors, Hospitals and Prescription Drugs
  • Employee Moving Expenses, Reimbursement of
  • Independent Contracts
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Licenses, Taxes and Fees, Except Not Software Licenses
  • Membership Dues
  • Petty Cash Reimbursement
  • Performance Contracts
  • Postage Purchases by Mail Services
  • Refunds
  • Reimbursements to Individuals (see paragraph below concerning reimbursements)
  • Royalties or User Fees under $1,000
  • Stipends
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel — Deposits, Lodging, Registrations and Reimbursements
  • Utilities
  • Vehicle Rental — 5 Passenger or Less

Completing a Check/ACH Request Form

  1. Date - Enter the date the document is being prepared.
  2. Department Name - Enter the name of the department that is responsible for the payment.
  3. Originator Name and phone # - Enter the name and phone number of the person who is to be called if there is a question or problem concerning the payment.
  4. Authorized Signature - Only a person who is authorized on the fund/org being charged can sign. If more than one fund/org is being charged there must be an authorized signature for each. The authorized signer must be on the approval queue for each fund/org.
  5. Bear Number Identification # - Enter the Bear Number of the vendor being paid.
  6. Vendor & Address - Enter the vendor name and a complete address. A pre-addressed envelope is required when enclosures will not fit into the Accounts Payable check envelopes.
  7. FOAP(A) - Enter the fund/org/account/program and optional activity code.
  8. Amount - Enter the total amount to be charged to the fund/org on that line.
  9. Check Stub/ACH Information - This is the information that will be printed on the check stub for the vendor or reported in the ACH notification for employee reimbursements and vendor payments. Please be concise and use meaningful abbreviations such as invoice number or account number. It is not necessary to repeat information for multiple account numbers if it all pertains to the same transaction. If a detailed explanation is required to assist the Accounts Payable Office in processing the request, please use the unused lines at the bottom of the form or attach a memo.

Check/ACH Requests and required backup may be routed through Xtender to Accounts Payable for processing. All necessary paperwork must be completed; receipts must be legible; fund/org approvals must be authorized. Incomplete or illegible documents will be returned via Xtender. A text box will indicate the additional information needed.

Independent Contract agreements or SSI forms may not be routed through Xtender at this time. These documents will need to be sent through campus mail or hand delivered.

Requests for reimbursement to individuals who did not use the UNC Visa card for purchases will need to have a letter of explanation as to why the card was not used. Colorado state sales tax will not be reimbursed for items purchased.

Special Check Request

There are occasions when a department may need a check immediately from the Accounts Payable Office. A special check is done when a check is needed immediately and it is not possible to wait for the regular check printing process. There is a $25 charge for this service.

If this situation arises, you will need to complete the Special Check Request Form, which includes a FOAP to be charged for the $25 processing fee.

  1. Complete the Special Check Request Form.
  2. Complete a Check/ACH Request Form.
  3. Attach both forms with your back-up and bring to the Accounts Payable Office no later than 3pm on the day you need the check.