Support Today's Student

Today’s students need your help!  As you all know, in recent years public financial support for higher education has been declining.  Tuition now accounts for between two-thirds and three-quarters of UNC’s budget, with state aid making up the remainder.  Just ten years ago the percentages were the reverse.  As a result, tuition has been increasing every year.

One way to help is to contribute to our scholarship fund, or even to set up a new scholarship.

Financial support is also needed to help students participate in off-campus activities such as attending academic conferences, the Model UN, the Model Arab League, and internships.

Any size contribution will have an impact, no matter how small.  If you are interested in helping in any way contact Stan Luger.


We are eager to expand our internship program and are always looking for meaningful opportunities for our students.  If you can offer an internship or know of one that would be worthwhile, contact Christiane Olivo.