The Department of Political Science & International Affairs offers internships in a variety of exciting and educational settings during spring, summer and fall semesters. Examples of ongoing internship opportunities are listed below. In addition, students have interned at the Colorado General Assembly, local lobbying firms, political campaigns, and private law firms. National and international internships have included the U.S. State Department in Ireland, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and Washington, D.C., a multi-national mining company in Peru, the offices of Members of the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. and lobbying firms in D.C.

Three-credit internships require a minimum of 135 hours for the semester (or nine hours per week for 15 weeks); you should be aware, however, that many internships require more hours per week, usually 12-15, but typically offer very flexible schedules. Students may earn up to 10 credits through the internship program, but only three credits will fulfill requirements of the Political Science major or minor or the International Affairs major. Once you have found an internship it must be approved by Professor Olivo before you can register for PSCI 392: Internship. Any questions (or requests for some applications) should be directed to Professor Olivo at

There are many BENEFITS to including an internship as part of your college education:*

Internships provide a crucial advantage in your job search: According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 95 percent of employers reported that degree-related job experience is a factor in hiring decisions. And nearly half of those surveyed wanted new graduates to have internship experience. In fact, the research director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute noted that internship experience is “just one of those things you have to have before employers will even consider looking at your resume.”

You may get paid more when you graduate if you’ve done an internship: NACE reported that entry-level employees with internship experience were paid 6.5 percent more than those without internship experience. Another survey found that graduates in the social sciences who had completed an internship were paid $6000/year more than those without internship experience.

You will develop many skills crucial to success in your future career: The internships available to students in Political Science and International Affairs are not just about “paper pushing.” You will take on serious responsibilities, learn professionalism, and hone key skills—such as interpersonal, teamwork, communication, leadership, and problem-solving—all of which employers are eager to find in job candidates.

You will build your network and resume: Everyone you meet in an internship is a potential contact for your network, someone you can call on for advice, referrals and references when you are job-hunting. Career-related experience on your resume makes a better impression on potential employers than, say, your experience as a server at the Olive Garden.

Finally, you will learn a lot and have fun! Political Science and International Affairs students consistently report that their internships were a GREAT experience.

* Adapted from “Quintessential Careers: College Students: You Simply Must Do an Internship (Better Yet: Multiple Internships)!” By Katherine Hansen

The following internships hire for all semesters including summer. Contact them to inquire about application deadlines. APPLY NOW FOR FALL INTERNSHIPS.


U.S Senator Mark Udall: Applications can be found at Questions contact: Bryan VanDriel at 970-356-5586 or

U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner: Contact Professor Olivo for the application. Questions? Contact Dan Betts (970-351-6007 or

City of Greeley:  Internships in a wide variety of city offices. Contact Prof Olivo for the application and information.

Greeley Chamber of Commerce: For information about the Chamber’s activities, go to Contact Kim Barbour (970-352-3566 or for information about internships.

Weld County Office of Colorado Public Defender: For information and application instructions, contact Mr. Jim Glass, Investigator, at or 970-353-8224, ext. 1454.

A Woman’s Place: Non-profit located in Greeley with variety of internship opportunities. Go to: Click on “Give Help” and go to Intern link or call 351-0476 for information.

Global Refugee Center: Non-profit located in Greeley. Go to: for information.

United Way of Weld County: For information and application instructions, contact Emma Wood at or 970-304-6198

CoPIRG: For information and applications, go to


Office of the District Attorney Eighth Judicial District in Fort Collins:
For more information, contact Sara Zidon at
The internship application can be found at:

Larimer County: Go to: Link on right side “Volunteer/Internship Opportunities”

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet: Offices in Washington, DC, Fort Collins and Denver. Go to:  Scroll down to internship link. Offices in Colorado are currently accepting applications for fall semester.


Colorado Governor’s Office:
Scroll down to Quick Links and click on “Governor’s Office Internship” for information and application. 

City and County of Denver: Variety of internships in different city offices:  Click on “Search Jobs” and find “Internships” on second page of job listings.