Professional Development

The following are some examples of professional development opportunities that we can deliver in various formats such as half-day or full-day in-service workshops, weekend or summer seminars and trainings. We can provide college credit through the University of Northern Colorado for many of these programs. We would be happy to work with school districts, superintendents, principals, teachers and other professional organizations to design a program to fit your needs.

  • All topics related to the Colorado Model Content Standards for Civics
  • Foundations of the Constitution
  • African-American political thought
  • Money and politics
  • Lobbying and political influence
  • Women and politics
  • Comparative democracies
  • Fall of communism
  • What does government do?
  • Theories of democracy
  • Morality and Politics
  • Civil liberties and civil rights
  • Social movements and political change
  • Globalization
  • Environmental politics and policy
  • Understanding the modern presidency
  • Congressional politics
  • Policymaking and the federal bureaucracy
  • How is the United States different from other countries?
  • Voting
  • How public policy is made
  • The Iraq War
  • Election of 2008
  • Citizenship
  • Inequality and American democracy

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Stan Luger
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