What is a Provost?

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The provost is responsible for the institution-wide general direction of the instruction, research, and outreach activities of the university. As the chief academic officer of the University, the Provost is responsible for the stewardship of the academic mission of the university.


Some specific academic oversight responsibilities of the provost include:

  • Fostering excellence in academic programs and colleges
  • General direction of curriculum planning
  • General direction of the UNC’s research and outreach efforts
  • Promotion of academic freedom and tenure
  • Development of plans and budgets for academic programs and services
  • Student recruitment and retention
  • General direction of academic support programs and services
  • General direction of student services programs
  • Appointment, mentoring/orientation, and evaluation of academic administrators
  • Oversight of faculty personnel system and faculty development program

The assistant provosts and college deans report to and work closely with the provost in these responsibilities.