Criteria for Reviewing the Concept Papers and Final Proposals

RFP Review Process

I@UNC proposals can be submitted by any university community member and should

  • be in service to UNC’s mission and values;
  • complement the goals of the other core plans described in our planning framework and map;
  • support UNC’s mission and goal of transformative education and student success toward graduation;
  • show an effective use of or savings in resources and be fiscally sustainable over a set period of
  • be collaboratively developed by faculty and staff across organizational boundaries; students may be included in the process to develop the proposals.

Criteria Used to Evaluate All Proposals

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the Concept Papers and Final Proposals.  Successful proposals will be reviewed for the following elements:

  • Is it a “game changing” idea?  Innovative or unique?  Is it an idea that redesigns the way we approach our work?  
  • Is it collaborative? Will it involve others across different units and allow us to work together across organizational boundaries?
  • Will it improve access to and/or support student success or achievement?
  • Is the concept feasible? Do we have or can we acquire resources needed (faculty, infrastructure, technology, etc.) to support the project?  
  • Does it reflect high academic quality focus?
  • Will the project generate “new” revenue?  Realize a cost savings? Realize better results with the same or small increase in resources?

In addition, Areas 1 and 2 will consider:

  • Is there documented evidence to support the opportunity, problem or idea?
  • Is there a compelling case for addressing the problem?
  • Will this endeavor improve our academic competitive advantage over other institutions? Advance UNC’s distinctiveness?