Overview of the Review Process

I@UNC will seek to broadly engage members of the campus community in this initiative.

Campus community – will be able to connect with each other on developing ideas for proposals and provide constructive feedback and comments on the ideas presented in the concept papers

Comment Teams (CT) – will be small groups of faculty, staff and student volunteers who will provide feedback on concept papers

Operational Consultants –will be engaged as needed and will be available to help with proposal ideas, budgeting and feedback on the full proposal. Our operational consultants will include as needed deans, Assistant Vice Presidents of Information Management and Technology and Facilities, members of the President’s Executive staff, Director of Assessment, Office of Sponsored Programs, Extended Studies, and the Budget Office. The Director of the Office of Assessment and Special Assistant to the Provost will also be available to address assessment and compliance issues that may arise from your innovative ideas.

Review Team (RT) – will be the Provost, AAVP for Research, Chair of Faculty Senate, Dean of the Graduate School, AVP for Undergraduate Studies & Dean of University College and the Special Assistant to the President. This team will be responsible for guiding the process and selecting the concept papers that will be resubmitted as final proposals. The President and Provost will review the recommendations from the review team and select the proposals to be funded.

There will be $1 million available over two years for I@UNC projects and there will be a two call for proposals – one in the Fall of 2013 and a second one in the Fall of 2014.

Phase 1 – Development and Submission of the Concept

At the same time the announcement of the I@UNC RFPs is made public, Google Groups message board will be available for members of the campus community to connect with each other about ideas for submission.

Submission of a Concept Paper (2 pages maximum). The Concept Paper (CP) includes the title of the proposal, and a summary of the issue being addressed, the idea being proposed, the expected outcomes and the names of the collaborators – the other campus community members that have contributed to developing the idea. We don’t need a budget developed for this round! The CP is due January 17, 2014. Click here for the CP template.

Public Review and Comment. The Concept Papers will be posted online for review and feedback from members of the campus community. It is also a chance for faculty and staff to connect with each other if they have interests in common. Comment period will close on January 31st.

Review by Comment Teams. Comment Teams will review will the CP and send feedback to the Review Team by January 31st.

Phase 2 – Concept to Full Proposal

Based on the Review Team’s own evaluation of the concept papers, feedback from public comments and Comment Teams and consultants, a subset of the concept papers will be selected for the next step which is the submission of a full proposal to be considered for funding. These finalists will be notified by February 28th. The template for the full proposal will include problem statement, method, expected outcomes, timeline, budget and evaluation process.

Full proposals are due to the Review Team on or before April 4th for review and recommendations for funding. The Review Team will engage consultants as appropriate to the idea proposed. The Provost and the President will review the recommendations from the review team and select the projects for funding on April 18th.