Request for Proposals - Areas Eligible for Funding

Area 3 - Reimagine Teaching and Learning

The goal of Reimagine Teaching and Learning is to support the significant transformation of how courses are delivered by using innovative technologies and pedagogy.  This could include but is not limited to:

  • Flipped Classrooms – inverting the traditional teaching experience by delivering content online outside of the classroom and class time becomes syntheses and discussion of the content.
  • Content Engagement Courses – students demonstrate course competencies via modules available outside of class (e.g., Virginia Tech’s Math Emporium model)
  • Simulations and virtual learning
  • Using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s). Faculty at universities such as Stanford, created complete courses, available online, for free, to anyone willing to enroll.  Are there ways we could incorporate these courses into our student’s learning experience?  Develop a MOOC at UNC?
  • Incorporating badges into instruction - Badges represent a way of acknowledging achievements or skill acquisition more granular than a college degree.
  • Mobile learning.  Smartphones, tablets have given us the ability to access information and stay connected 24/7.  How can we harness the power of mobile devices to enhance learning?  
  • Problem or inquiry based learning.  Problem based or inquiry learning is  
  • Integrated undergraduate research opportunities
  • Mastery based courses
  • Other ideas?