Request for Proposals - Areas Eligible for Funding

Area 2- Beyond Boundaries – New Audiences/New Delivery Modes

The goal of the Beyond Boundaries initiative is to facilitate delivery of our current programs to new audiences via new structures/models.  For example:

Degree Completion. A significant number of working adults have some college credits.  How can we help these individuals attain an undergraduate degree through competency-based degrees or certificate programs that allow students to make progress by demonstrating the knowledge they have gained through prior coursework, military experience, on-the-job training, or other learning experiences?

Enhancing Competency. Many people have professional degrees but need additional competencies (but not necessarily another degree) to advance their abilities to think critically, communicate effectively and advance professionally.

International Outreach. How might we structure and deliver our programs in other countries so we can engage international students?

Accelerated Degrees.  How might we structure programs to lessen time to degree completion?

High School or Community College Partnerships. How might we partner with high schools or community colleges to create seamless pathways to our programs and through degree completion?

UNC Plus. Offer workshops or professional development to UNC graduates or others