Current Fulbright Scholars

The University of Northern Colorado is proud to present the current Fulbright Scholars:

  • Karen Barton – School of Social Sciences, HSS
  • David Caldwell – College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Rik D’Amato-School of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education, EBS
  • James Gall-School of Teacher Education, EBS
  • Errol Haun-School of Music, PVA
  • Sara Heimbecker-School of Music, PVA
  • Paul Hodapp-School of History, Philosophy & Political Science, HSS
  • Marie Livingston, School of Social Sciences, HSS
  • Robert Lynch- School of Finance, MCB
  • Rutilio Martinez- School of Finance, MCB
  • Sean O’Halloran- School of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education, EBS
  • Janice Payan – University of Vienna Distinguished Chair, MCB
  • Lee Anne Peck-School of Communication, HSS
  • Steven Seegel-School of History, Philosophy & Political Sciences, HSS
  • Jose I. Suarez, School of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, HSS
  • Gary Swanson-School of Communication, HSS
  • Andrew Svedlow – Dean College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • Sharon Wilson-School of English, Language & Literature, HSS

UNC Fulbright Scholars

About the Fulbright program