University of Northern Colorado Statement on Diversity


The University of Northern Colorado embraces the diversity embodied within individual and group differences. Each member of the University is responsible for valuing and supporting interactions among diverse populations, thus creating a rich and inclusive community of learners.

We are committed to fostering an environment where diversity is affirmed and vigorously pursued. As such, we will strive to recruit and retain a diverse administration, staff, faculty, and student body by providing a campus climate that is welcoming and free of discrimination.


We recognize that diversity encompasses race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, human capacity, and ethnicity as well as differences in culture, ideas, viewpoints, perspectives, values, religious beliefs, and backgrounds. Through exploration, discovery, interaction, collaboration, instruction, and partnership, we gain understanding about how our differences affect the way we see the world and our engagement with those around us. We also gain understanding of the equally important fundamental similarities that exist among all humans. These understandings prepare our students and other members of the university community to work effectively in a diverse, global, and changing environment.