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Guest Speaker Series 10/5/16 - Dr. Katrina Rodriguez

October 31, 2016

Speaker Notes:

Campus Climate Survey

  • There has been a good response from staff and faculty
    • There is a limited response from students
    • Make sure to encourage students
      • We will need to have a good percentage for credibility
    • These responses will serve as a blueprint moving forward
  • Audience Question: Are students still asked to do Mapworks?
    • Not sure. I will ask about the intersection of the two surveys
  • Audience Question: Is there an incentive for students?
    • Yes there is.
  • There is no sanitizing of the report
    • Results go directly to the consultants working on the project.
    • The responses are completely anonymous
    • The President and Provost get the report 1 week before the campus
  • Audience Question: Are emails/posters being sent out?
    • Yes, but bigger visibility would be better
    • There will need to be another poster campaign
  • Audience Question: If the student response rate doesn’t go up, what happens?
    • Will follow up

Campus Climate and Community Division

  • This division was created to work through the communication pieces
  • 1st step
    • Bring AVP candidates to campus
    • We are not sure when the AVP will start, but it will hopefully be the Spring
  • We talked to all constituents about professional development
    • We asked what the pedagogy/philosophical view for groundwork of professional development
    • It will vary by department
  • There will also be an assessment of balance between academic freedom and community
  • Finalists will have good experience in professional development
  • Looking at different levels of workshops
    • We want to create learning environment where we can make mistakes
    • The learning environment focus is especially important when we are learning about equity, inclusion, and individual dynamics.
  • This is all looking at how we work through and deal with conflict
  • Audience Comment: The folks using professional development are not the ones who necessarily are seeking it out
    • CSU has utilized department wide sessions
  • Audience Comment: CETL has tried departmental sessions and certificates
    • Audience Comment: The support needs to come from the top down
    • Katrina: The division was created to address this issue
    • It feels like the time is right, but we realize there will be many challenges
    • We love our students and care about our campus
  • Audience Comment: Right now there are limited opportunities (ie. Catalyst)
    • We are looking at data and providing more opportunities
    • Thinking about a staff & faculty Catalyst retreat
  • A common language is very important
    • We are looking at common understanding about language (ie. social justice)
  • We are currently looking at the hiring process and Search Committees
    • We are looking to make more equitable searches
    • This will also look at address unconscious bias and will be a multi-year process
  • We are using the text “Reframing Campus Conflict”
    • This text talks about student conduct through a social justice lens
    • Addresses informal to formal conflict management
    • Staff will be trained to help with conflict management/resolution
    • Audience Question: Could this be a seed we can plant at orientation?
      • Absolutely. Students could be trained and it would be a great experience for them
    • Audience Question: What are the next steps for this training?
      • We would like to have a good representation at first so we can have several develop after that initial group

PASC Satisfaction Survey Results

  • Professional Development is desired
  • Would like to see more information about grants and scholarships
  • There was an issue brought up with disconnect from administration
  • What would you like to see in Professional Development?
    • Should we do another survey for PD?
    • There is a desire for more opportunities to plug-in
      • There needs to be support to be able to seek out opportunities

Question from Student Reporter: How will Bias Response be handled and by who?

  • It will be handled through the portal of the Dean of Students
  • Follow up: Are any members from the Bias Response Team currently in that process
      • There is one person that is handling complaints that served on the team

Question from Student Reporter: How is the university addressing free speech and academic freedom?

  • UNC has always upheld and will continue to uphold these principles


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