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August Guest Speaker: Marshall Parks, Director of Human Resources

Discussion item #1: Fair Labor Standards Act and New Overtime Rules

  • New ruling on paying overtime; new policy must be implemented by December 1, 2016
    • Minimum yearly earnings to be eligible for OT have increased from $22269 to $47476
    • HR identified all exempt positions with salaries at or below new federal minimum
    • HR will notify individuals via letter explaining eligibility for OT pay
    • HR will identify other positions with yearly salaries higher than minimum to perform “duties tests” to determine OT eligibility
      • Duty Exemptions (will be completed by the end of September 2016):
        • Executive
        • Professional
        • Administrative
      • Will be notified via letter
    • Compensation Time will still be an option
      • The maximum compensation time will be 280 hours

Discussion item #2: Banding Project Update

  • 125 staff identified as being under their minimum (considered 1stpriority)
  • 30% of total distribution pool will be used to bring these 125 up; tier system in use to determine increases
  • All Exempt staff received a minimum 2% increase
  • UNC has dedicated $4.7 million to salary increases over the last 5 years
  • Next steps include identifying criteria for increases; such as merit, longevity, etc


With Banding in place, will UNC get to the point of consistently posting salaries on position announcements—rather than not posting any salary info, posting a salary range, etc?


HR would prefer this be the case; unfortunately, it is not mandated and is up to the individual hiring authorities.


Is there a plan to address the salary compression that is now taking place


Yes; HR is aware that compression is becoming an issue and does plan to address it; however, nothing concrete has been decided at this time.

Discussion item #3: Health Insurance

  • UNC is part of CHEIBA (Colorado Higher Education Insurance Benefits Alliance)
    • Consists of 9 Colorado institutions and roughly 8,000 employees
    • UNC has been a member for the last 20 years
  • 2017  Insurance rates will be set in September
  • Insurance rates increase nationally roughly 10.5%
    • UNC’s are around 5%
    • The prediction for 2017 is around 3-4%
      • Equates to about $8-9 per person.
  • CHEIBA is looking at “Grand Rounds”
    • In simple terms, this is where a patient would see all specialists during a single visit—rather than seeing one doctor, and receiving referrals to see various other doctors at another time.


Can we anticipate a premium holiday this year?


UNC will know more in October; stay tuned

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