Kay Norton became the 12th President of the University of Northern Colorado in July 2002.  She is a passionate advocate for UNC, and for the transformative power of American higher education in the lives of people, their communities, and the nation.

Norton has lead the University of Northern Colorado in developing innovative and entrepreneurial organizational strategies in the face of changing regulatory, financial and social conditions, emphasizing the need for the university to take charge of its own fate. UNC promises students that their investment in a high quality education at UNC will pay lifelong dividends---financial, person and communal.

Norton is a graduate of Wellesley College and the University of Denver College of Law.  She practiced law in the public and private sectors for 26 years, primarily as an in-house corporate general counsel for an international meat producing subsidiary of a publicly traded corporation.  In that role she was responsible for a wide variety of government and regulatory affairs.  She was appointed to the UNC Board of Trustees in 1995, serving as Vice Chair until 1998, when she joined the university’s staff as Vice President for University Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees.

Norton has served on the board of directors of StarTek, Inc., a publicly traded (NYSE) company, as well as on the boards of numerous non-profit business associations, service groups and charitable entities.  She has been honored as an outstanding woman in business by the Colorado Girl Scouts, the Northern Colorado Business Report, and the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

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