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27 January 2014

As the Broncos prepare to play in the Super Bowl, it’s an exciting time for the State of Colorado, the City of Greeley and UNC, the old home of the Bronco training camp.  Many viewing parties will be held both on campus and throughout the city of Greeley, and numerous private homes will host large groups of people for the game.

With any large event or celebration, there are safety factors that everyone should be aware of in order to enjoy the day to the fullest.  The use of alcohol will be commonplace on Sunday, so please remember to drink legally, responsibly and make sure your friends are doing the same.  To help ensure the safety of our community, both the Greeley Police Department and the UNC Police Department will have significantly increased staffing and patrols in order to respond rapidly to any actions that violate law or threaten the safety of our community.

Unfortunately, civil disobedience and destructive behavior sometimes occurs during these events due to a small minority of individuals who, under the guise of celebration, disregard the rights of their neighbors, friends and community.  The punitive actions for any student engaging in such behaviors are significant.  Students will be held accountable by the criminal justice system and the conduct process of the University.

Anyone convicted of an offense of ‘Inciting a riot’, ‘Engaging in a riot’, or ‘Disobedience of public safety orders under riot conditions’, will be suspended from the University and ineligible to enroll in any Colorado institution of higher education for a twelve month period.  The legal threshold for a ‘riot’ offense is defined as three or more individuals, so the group does not have to be large.  The University may choose to suspend a student upon arrest related to these offenses prior to conviction.  Students must be aware that the very act of watching a civil disturbance may result in arrest under these laws.   A student may also be arrested at a later date if they are identified violating any law.

I realize the vast majority of our student body is composed of intelligent, educated, and caring young adults who have no intent to cause disruption or harm to our community.  Be cautious not to get overly caught up in the moment, and don’t allow someone to use you in order to commit a criminal act.  Oftentimes violent persons in large crowds will ‘hide’ behind the larger portion of a crowd in order to throw objects, burn property, or strike an observer, only to blend into the larger body of the crowd before they can be identified and arrested.  Do not let yourself become part of this environment, do not compromise your safety, and do not put your educational and professional future at risk.

With some basic safety practice and awareness, you and your friends, along with everyone else in our community will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the greatest sporting traditions in American history.

Thank you,

Dennis R. Pumphrey
Chief of Police

(The full text of the referenced laws can be accessed in the Chief’s Corner archive dated October 14, 2011)

28 August 2013

The UNC Police Department would like to welcome all new and returning students to the start of fall semester. As you pursue your educational goals, we want to collaborate with you in an effort to help keep campus safe. Although the overall crime rate on campus is low and the City of Greeley is safe, here are some very basic safety practices to be aware of as the school year begins.

Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol and drug abuse are significant contributors to compromised safety and criminal activity. Engaging in such activity can lead to poor decision-making and correlates to increases in disturbances, fights and damaged property that can result in criminal charges as well.
Regardless of the potential legal restrictions or ramifications, practice responsible behavior for your own safety. If alcohol or drugs enter into the mix, be sure to:

  • Follow these 0-1-2-3 rules advocated by UNC Prevention Education:
    • 0 drinks if you are: under age 21, driving, on medication, haven’t eaten, in substance abuse recovery, suspect you may be pregnant
    • 1 – No more than 1 drink an hour
    • 2 – Limit your drinking to no more than 2 times per week
    • 3 – Don’t have more than 3 drinks in one day
  • Stay with a small group of known friends when going to parties, clubs or bars. Don’t separate from the group. Always use a designated driver.
  • Keep control of your drink. Don’t let others hold it or set it aside at a party or bar.
  • Never use drugs, period. That includes not abusing prescription medication.
  • If a friend appears to be intoxicated, passed out, hurt or acting out in an unreasonable manner, call 911. Stay on the line with the dispatcher and identify yourself to responding emergency workers. This can qualify you for immunity under the Safe Haven Law, and you may save your friend from significant injury or death.

Property Crimes
Like any other community, property crimes do occur here, but with some basic pre-planning and safety practices, you can minimize your risk of becoming a victim. At UNC, we have multiple policing strategies to help prevent and solve crime. This includes the use of surveillance cameras throughout campus as appropriate. We also utilize student patrols, mutual aid agreements with other local police agencies and saturated patrols, but our most effective crime prevention tools are community safety practices.

  • Bike theft is one of the most common crimes on campus. Always use a bike lock (U-shaped locks are most preferred and difficult to circumvent). A secondary wire/chain-type lock around tires can help prevent a single tire from theft.
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle and bring them with you or store them in a trunk if you have one. Make sure to lock your doors. Thieves are often looking for the path of least resistance. If they are unsure that breaking into a car will lead to any gain, it’s unlikely they will commit the crime.
  • Mark your personal belongings with the last four digits of your Bear number, Social Security number, or other partial identifier. Don’t leave backpacks or other valuables unattended in public places. 
  • Always make sure your room and apartment/home is locked when you leave the premises, even if it is for a short time. Don’t prop your door if you are away from your room in the residence halls.
  • Program (970) 351-2245 into your cell phone and call the UNC Police when you notice a suspicious activity or person on campus. We are here 24 hours a day year-round for your safety, and we are the most effective when we work together to prevent crime.

We hope that you have a successful and enjoyable year at UNC. With these small efforts on your part, in partnership with your police department, which patrols campus and surrounding areas around the clock, we can help provide a very safe campus for our community to enjoy.

Dennis R. Pumphrey
Chief of Police


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