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UNC Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

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The 2015 UNC Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is available to download here. If you would like a paper copy of this document, please email or contact the UNC Police Department at (970) 351-2245.


The University of Northern Colorado is committed to providing a safe and secure campus where the pursuit of higher education can take place while balancing individual rights, responsibilities, and freedoms.

Many positive steps have been taken to reach that objective, including placing highly visible emergency telephones throughout campus, upgrading lighting along our sidewalks and in parking lots, and increasing safety and crime reduction programs presented to the campus community. The University also has a well-publicized Drug and Alcohol policy and a Student Code of Conduct that is vigorously enforced.

The University of Northern Colorado is an open campus that has traditionally experienced a relatively low crime rate. Although the possibility of a criminal act occurring against a member of the University community is statistically low, criminal activity does occasionally take place on campus. It is for this reason the University continually strives to upgrade the campusí physical security, improve crime reduction programs, and provide proactive policing. It is imperative, however, that students and employees also accept responsibility for their own security and the security of others. We encourage everyone to report criminal actions, emergencies or suspicious activity immediately to the UNC Police Department.

The UNC Police Department reports crime statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation yearly, as required by law. These reports are used by the University to identify areas of concern and develop plans to address those concerns. The University also strives to make these statistics easily available to the public so that prospective and current members of the University community are able to make informed decisions about their personal safety, and to be aware of areas in which they need to take extra precautions to protect their property.

Additional questions regarding crime statistics or campus safety may be directed to the UNC Police Department, located in Gray Hall.

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