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Philosophy Search Engines

  1. Philpapers is a one-stop shop for research in philosophy. It hosts the largest open access archive in philosophy, and if you log in through the Michener Library website using your UNC credentials you will be able to download articles from any journal UNC has a subscription to with just one click.

Philosophy Sites

  1. The American Philosophical Association
  2. The American Philosophical Association’s list of Resources for Undergraduates
  3. AskPhilosophers
  4. Ethics, Etc.
  5. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  6. Philosophy Bites
  7. The Philosophers’ Magazine
  8. The Philosophy Pages
  9. Philosophy Talk
  10. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  11. SWIP—The Society for Women in Philosophy
  12. The Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy Page

Undergraduate Philosophy Journals, Conferences, and Essay Contests

  1. Aporia—an undergraduate journal published at Brigham Young University.
  2. The Butler University Undergraduate Research Conference—a regional (midwestern) conference held every year in the spring.
  3. The Dualist—a national undergraduate journal published by Stanford University undergraduates.
  4. Ephemeris—published yearly from Union College and intended as a platform for significant undergraduate work in philosophy.
  5. The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review—considers papers from all disciplines.
  6. Prolegomena—an online philosophy journal for undergraduate students published at the University of British Columbia.
  7. Vita, Dulcedo et Spes—a forum rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition for the discussion of ideas and issues in the humanities. Published by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture
  8. The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest—an annual competition designed to challenge college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today’s complex world.
  9. The Yale Philosophy Review—a bi-annual journal that showcases the best and most original of philosophic thought by undergraduate students, worldwide.

Guides to Reading, Writing and Doing Philosophy

  1. A Brief Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers—by Richard Field (NW Missouri State).
  2. A Guide to Writing Philosophy Essays—by Colin Allen (Indiana University).
  3. Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper—by James Pryor (New York University).
  4. Guidelines on Reading Philosophy—by James Pryor (New York University). Not on writing, but well worth reading.
  5. Paper Writing Strategies for Introductory Philosophy Courses—by Joe Cruz (Williams College).
  6. Philosophical Terms and Methods—by James Pryor (New York University).
  7. Philosophical Writing Manual—Short Version—by Martin Young (UC, Irvine).
  8. Philosophical Writing Manual—Long Version—by Martin Young (UC, Irvine).
  9. The Pink Guide to Philosophy – By Helena de Bres (Welleslyy College)
  10. Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper—by Douglas Portmore (Arizona State University, Tempe)

Graduate Study in Philosophy

  1. The American Philosophical Associations Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy
  2. The Philosophical Gourmet Report