Mentoring Program Basics

Program Basics for Students

General Interest Students

These students have expressed an interest in learning more about law school and careers in the broad legal field. The Pre-law Mentoring Program welcomes these students and is designed to assist them by providing guest speakers, focused lectures, and other opportunities to learn about becoming and being a lawyer and about related careers. All students, regardless of major or class standing, are welcome to be included in this category.

Specific Interest Students

These students have shown a specific commitment to a career in law and are interested in gaining particular knowledge about applying to and attending law school and have focused their career plans. The Pre-law Mentoring Program is designed to provide these students with the unique opportunity to interact on a periodic basis with a local attorney or jurist who has volunteered to serve as a mentor to these students. To make the most effective use of the mentors’ time, only those students who have completed at least the first semester of their sophomore year (i.e., have completed 45 credit hours) will be included in this category.

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Program Basics for Mentors

Two categories of mentors are identified, although individual mentors are welcome to participate in both categories:

General Interest Speakers

These mentors will be available to serve as guest speakers in UNC classes (any discipline), at student organization meetings (e.g., Pre-law Club, Criminal Justice Society), or for other UNC speaking engagements as appropriate. Attorneys and judges willing to be included in this category will be asked to provide contact information and a brief paragraph and/or bulleted list that identify their particular areas of expertise. That information will be distributed to faculty and student organizations across campus to be used in identifying guest speakers.

Pre-law Mentors

These mentors will be available to serve as career advisors to students who are in at least the second semester of their sophomore year and have indicated an interest in the practice of law. Each Pre-law Mentor will be assigned one or two students and will be expected to continue their mentoring relationship with those students until the student graduates from UNC.  In addition, the mentor should be willing to meet at least once per semester with each stud ent at the student’s initiative. Student requests for more than three meetings per semester would border on an imposition and should occur only with prior agreement of the mentor.

Becoming a UNC Pre-law Mentor

Weld County jurists and attorneys are invited to indicate on the application form their interest in being a Pre-law Mentor by providing their name, contact information, and a summary of their areas of interest/expertise. There will also be an opportunity to indicate an interest in serving as either a general interest speaker or a pre-law mentor, or both. To receive an application form, please contact the Weld County Bar Association or Paul Hodapp at the University of Northern Colorado, Mckee 321, 351-2574, or at

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