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UNC students who are considering law school are, appropriately so, advised in their academic major. However, the law school experience is such that pre-law students would benefit from additional advising beyond that available from their academic advisor. Specifically, information about desirable undergraduate electives, selecting and applying for law school, preparing for the Law School Admissions Test, anticipating the first-year law school experience, learning about study and time-management skills needed in law school, understanding the day-to-day practice of law, and appreciating the realities of a career in law, are topics best handled by people with first-hand experience.  Further, although the offering of advice on those topics is the primary reason for linking students and mentors, this relationship may allow for other experiences such as opportunities to observe courtroom activities, interact with other courtroom personnel, learn about legal careers that do not require a law degree, or be informed about undergraduate internship experiences.
To accomplish those goals and provide UNC pre-law students with a more enriched undergraduate experience, the UNC Pre-law Mentor Program has been established. The program makes use of local jurists and attorneys who volunteer to share their expertise and advice with interested students.

Greeley Courthouse

The Greeley Courthouse

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To apply, email the mentoring program application to Paul Hodapp.


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