The Legal Studies Minor

Are you fascinated by the relation between law and society? Would you enjoy learning about social, political, philosophical, ethical, and historical issues? Do you love to read and write? If so, you should consider a legal studies minor at the University of Northern Colorado. Like nearly all universities, UNC doesn’t offer a major in law. What we do offer is a broad liberal arts education that includes courses designed to give you insight into the law and to help you develop the skills that law schools want in their students—thinking, understanding, and communicating.

McKee Hall on the UNC Campus

McKee Hall on the UNC Campus

As a legal studies minor, you will work closely with members of the program’s Pre-Law Executive Committee to develop an individualized course of study that will help you reach your goals in any law-related field, regardless of your major. You’ll choose from communications, philosophy, business administration, sociology, and criminal justice courses designed to give you insight into the law and to help you develop skills you’ll need for your legal studies. Courses in constitutional law, government, English, history, economics, and theater arts can also provide important background and skills. You’ll meet other students with similar interests in the University of Northern Colorado Law Club.

Courses and Requirements

The legal studies minor requires 21 credit hours. Two three-credit courses are required: The Nature of Legal Reasoning, and Legal Research and Writing. You must also choose six credits of basic courses, six credits of policy courses and three credits of skills courses. See the current Catalog for details. Students are strongly encouraged to elect an internship as a part of the minor, and internships in community service are especially encouraged.

The Future Is Yours

The skills and knowledge you'll acquire with your chosen major or majors and a legal studies minor at UNC will serve you whether you go on to graduate school or enter the work force upon graduation. A legal studies minor begins preparing you to pursue a variety of careers such as:

  • Attorney or judge
  • Police detective or drug enforcement agent
  • Court clerk, reporter, or bailiff
  • Corrections officer
  • Paralegal
  • Private investigator
  • For more information, contact:

    Nancy Matchett, Chair Office: McKee 324
    Phone: (970) 351-1567
    Fax: (970) 351-2311 

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