Pre-Law at UNC

UNC follows the American Bar Association guidelines for Pre Law education and does not recommend any specific major or group of courses for undergraduates who are planning to attend law school.

There are many courses and majors that can give you insight into the law, and every major, as well as coursework in the Liberal Arts Core, will help you develop your research, writing and analytical skills. The most important thing is to pursue of course of study that interests and challenges you.

UNC also offers several ways for Pre-Law students to supplement their coursework. Click the links at left to learn more about Pre-Law Advising, the undergraduate Law Club, and the Pre-Law Mentoring Program at UNC.

  • For more information, contact:

    Gregory Williams
    Pre-Law Advisor
    Office: McKee 318
    Phone: (970) 351-1562
  • Lin Allen
    Law Club Faculty Advisor
    Office: CAND 1245B
    Phone: (970) 351-2655

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