Academic Advising

We assign advisers to all our majors and minors—and that means to majors and minors for whom philosophy is their second major or second minor as well as to those for whom it’s their first or only major or minor. You may want to check out the following links prior to meeting with your adviser.

UNC Advising Resources

If you’re either a major or a minor in philosophy and you’re not sure who your adviser is, check with Stan Luger. Paul Hodapp handles the advising for all Legal Studies minors.

Just Remember This...


The single most important piece of academic advice of all has got to be this:

If you don’t love studying what you’re studying,
you ought to start studying what you love!

And if you don’t know what that is, then there can’t be a whole lot that’s more important than finding out.

However.... Supposing philosophy is what you love, there’s no reason not to be a prudent lover, and so we come to what has to be the most important piece of advice specifically for majors and minors in philosophy:

Don’t take too many philosophy courses at once!!!

No one has ever taken five at once and survived, and it’s the rare individual who has taken four at once without stumbling. Philosophy is hard! It takes thought and it takes reflection, and both of those take time.

A word to the wise....

Why study philosophy?

We have a whole page on this. If you haven't already seen it, you should definitely check it out.