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Welcome to the Philosophy Forums! The Philosophy program at UNC has been sponsoring this online discussion board since January, 2004. Most of the Forums are specifically for the use of UNC faculty and students in philosophy, but The Agora is an open forum in which anyone may post.

If you’re new to the Forums, you’ll need to register, and your registration will have to be approved (see our policy in the sidebar on the right). Once your registration has been approved, if you have questions or you’d like to do a test post just to get the hang of posting, we have a special forum called “New to the Forums?” which is the place to acquaint yourself with the Forums’ features, to get answers to those questions, and to experiment with posting and replying.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit posted material to enhance readability. If, in the process of doing this, we manage to mangle the intended sense of anything you’ve posted, our apologies in advance, and by all means feel free to make the necessary repairs.

Tom Trelogan
Forum Administrator

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The site of the ancient Athenia agora in modern-day Athens

Photo by Dennis and Aimee Jonez
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