Argument Clinic

Welcome to the argument clinic! We examine arguments. If you’ve got an argument you’d like us to look at, type it into the space below or e-mail a copy to the waiting room. We’ll get to it as soon as we can. Once we’re done, we’ll let you know the results of the exam. We may find that the argument is as sound as a dollar (or maybe even sounder than that!). On the other hand, it might limp along so badly that we’ll have to face facts and declare it an invalid, or perhaps more precisely, just plain old invalid. Of course there are intermediate possibilities too. But you get the idea. Just one word of warning: when we say we examine arguments, what we mean is that we examine pieces of reasoning. This is not the place to bring your quarrels and fights. Maybe what you’re looking for is that other, so-called argument clinic down the hall.

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Would you like to know how we do this? Here’s an explanation of arguments and the evaluation of arguments that could make an argument evaluator out of you! Want more? Here’s Stephen Downes’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies, illustrated with lots of examples. Finally, here’s a little something about our archaic caduceus...the staff with the snakes.