Overpayment Information

University of Northern Colorado Payroll Overpayment Procedure

Overpayments to employees result when the payroll department is not notified of changes in employees pay status. This could be from termination, leave without pay, or other changes that will affect an employees pay. When an overpayment occurs, the department needs to notify payroll immediately (1-2700).  The department will not be reimbursed for the overpayment amount until UNC receives that money back from the employee.  If they are still an employee, we will set up a payment plan to take the agreed overpayment amount from their paycheck.  If they are no longer employed by the University, we will set up a payment plan with them and any funds collected prior to fiscal year end will go back to the department, funds collected after fiscal year end will not credited back to the department without approval from the Controller.   Any costs associated with collecting the overpayment will also be charged to the department