How do I know if I am claiming the correct number of exemptions on my W-4 form?

  1. Complete the worksheet at the top of the W-4 form to determine personal allowances.
  2. Talk to your Tax Accountant
  3. You can visit the IRS website to use the withholding calculator.

Can I specify additional withholdings to be deducted from my paycheck?

 Yes.  You may specify this on line 6 of your W-4 form.

What should I do if my paycheck is wrong?

  1. Look over you paystub closely and check for one-time deductions such as parking permits, unpaid parking fines, meal plans, uniforms, etc.
  2. Make sure the hours submitted by your department and hours paid are correct.
  3. Check for differences in tax withholdings.  Recent changes to a W-4 will affect your taxation.
  4. Make sure the rate of pay is correct. 
  5. Call Payroll Services (351-2700) with discrepancies.  

What is a Non-Scheduled Check?

A Non-scheduled or manual check is one that has to be prepared after Payroll has been completed.  A $45 processing fee is assessed to departments unless it was a Banner issue.  Each department is allowed one free check per fiscal year.

How do I get security access and training for Banner?

If you do not have security access to get into the Banner program you can:

  1. Contact Sue Swanson at x1-2946 or (click here) to obtain the URSA Security Form for HR/Payroll.
  2. After you have filled out the form please obtain the proper signatures and send the form to Sue in Payroll.  Access is based on your specific needs, so be sure and specify what information or data entry you will need to have permission to use.
  3. For additional information on Department Time Entry (DTE); Web Time Entry (WTE) or EPAF trainings, contact Sue Swanson at 1-2946.

Am I required to have my paycheck direct-deposited to my bank?

It is currently a University policy that all employees of UNC, including students, have direct deposit.  You can download the PDF direct deposit from UNC Human Resources and submit it to the Payroll office.  We do need the form at least 1 week prior to payday for the direct deposit to be activated.

How do I view my pay stub?


  • Sign into Ursa using your Student Login
  • Click on Student tab
  • Click on “Registration Status” in the Registration Tool’s box
  • A yellow Employee tab will appear at the top-
  • Click on Employee tab
  • -Pay Information-Pay Stub

Non Student Employee

  • Sign into Ursa using your firstname. Lastname Login
  • Click on Employee
  • Click on Banner Self Service Link- Employee-Pay Information-Pay Stub.

If you do not have access to view your paystub online, contact your supervisor and request they submit a PDID (Personal Digital Identity) form for you. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an email letting you know your access has been established.  Please contact the Payroll department at 351-2700 if you need assistance with this process.

A PDID form establishes a digital identify that allows employees access to email and employee information through Ursa. Employees need this access to view their pay stubs. The hiring department is responsible for submitting a PDID form for their new employees. A PDID form should be submitted for all new employees but is NOT needed for GA/TA’s and student employees.

The form is entirely online. Go to the Information Technology web page at http://help.unco.edu and click on the “Submit a Ticket” link. Choose “PDID Form” from the Website Request Type drop down menu. Complete and submit the form. Both you and the employee will receive a confirmation email once access has been established.

What is a “non-student hourly” employee?

Non-student hourly employees are intended to be used only for emergency or high-demand working situations of short duration.  These positions are not to be used to displace regular employee types or to circumvent normal University and/or State hiring procedures.  Current classified, faculty, exempt and student employees of the University may NOT be hired as non-student hourly employees.

For more information for the requirements of working as or hiring a non-student hourly employee, please contact Human Resources at 351-2718.

What is UNC’s work week?

The established work week for UNC is from Sunday at 12:01 AM to Saturday at midnight.  Alternatives to this work week must be approved by HR