2013-14 Council Members

Member Term Position Office/Department Division Phone
Deborah Lewis 13-15 Secretary College of Humanities & Social Sciences Academic Affairs 1-2706
Stephanie Burchett 13-15   Graduate School Academic Affairs 1-1085
Chris Freeman 12-14 Chair Adademic Support & Advising Academic Affairs 1-1429
Sabrina Hattar 13-15   Facilities Finance & Administration 1-2446
Michael Kallsen 12-14   Department of Athletics Academic Affairs 1-2499
Daniel Lawrence 13-15 Vice-Chair Campus Recreation Academic Affairs 1-2643
Elizabeth Mahoney 12-14 Treasurer Career Services University Relations 1-2127
Kim Paxton 12-14   College of Natural Health & Sciences Academic Affairs 1-2877
Erin Rabon-Poszywak 12-14   Academic Support & Advising Academic Affairs 1-1391
Linda Schmid 13-15   Counseling Center Academic Affairs 1-2496
Robin Weber 13-15   CETL Academic Affairs 1-1757
Stuart Kemmer 12-14   Development and Alumni Relations Academic Affairs 1-1886
Abigail Pekar 12-14   University College Academic Affairs 1-1392
      Student Senate Non-Voting Liaison  
      CSC Non-Voting Liaison  
      Faculty Senate Non-Voting Liaison  

Standing Committees

Council members volunteer to serve on standing committees that organize and coordinate a variety of PASC projects, events and initiatives.

We're always looking for non-member volunteers to assist us. If you are a professional administrative staff employee and are interested in helping with a project or have another area of interest you would like to discuss, please contact one of the elected PASC Representatives. Click here for the list of committees

  • Executive Committee: Deborah Borelli, Chris Freeman, Daniel Lawrence, and Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Communications: Deborah Lewis, Robin Weber, Stephanie Burchett, Stuart Kemmer
  • Fundraising: Christopher Freeman, Erin Poszywak, Sabrina Hattar, Stuart Kemmer
  • Professional Development: Deborah Lewis, Michael Kallsen, Robin Weber
  • Recognition and Social Events: Elizabeth Mahoney, Sabrina Hattar, Daniel Lawrence, Abigail Pekar
  • Community Outreach/Service: Erin Poszywak, Stephanie Burchett, Kim Paxton, Abigail Pekar
  • Grants and Scholarships: Linda Schmid, Erin Poszywak, Christopher Freeman

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to assist with various PASC tasks throughout the year. If you are a professional staff employee and are interested in serving on one of the Events and Programming Committees or have another area of interest you would like to discuss, please contact one of the elected PASC Representatives.

Liaison Assignments

PASC's elected representatives serve as liaisons and ex-officio representatives to a variety of campus councils, boards and other units. Below is a listing of the liaison assignments for 2013-2014: click here for the full document

  • Alumni Association: Stephanie Burchett
  • Board of Trustees: Christopher Freeman, Daniel Lawrence
  • Bookstore Advisory Board: Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Salary Equity Committee: Michael Kallsen, Linda Schmid
  • Faculty Senate: Michael Kallsen, Linda Schmid
  • Information Technology Committee: Deborah Lewis, Robin Weber, Linda Schmid
  • Student Senate: Deborah Lewis
  • University Center Advisory Board: Kim Paxton, Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Campus Recreation Center Advisory Board: Erin Poszywak, Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Center for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning: Robin Weber
  • Workforce Environment Taskforce: Kim Paxton
  • Sustainabiltiy Committee: Daniel Lawrence, Robin Weber, Linda Schmid
  • Classified Staff Council: Jared Harley