Parking Rules and Regulations


Article 1 - Parking Permits

Paragraph 1 - With the exception of (a) Visitor Parking Permits which can be purchased at Conferences & Events Office in University Center and (b) annual and semester permits issued at UNC Card Office in University Center only during Fall Move-in Weekend, all sales of permits will be handled at Parking Services.


Paragraph 3 - An eligible person must pay his permit fee and fill out a University of Northern Colorado Permit Registration card (or click the "I Agree" button in the online permit purchase process) before the appropriate permit will be issued. Approval by the Manager of Parking Services is required for any exceptions.

Paragraph 4 - All permit fees are set annually. Annual permits will be valid from the Saturday after summer classes end through the last Friday of summer classes of the following year. That is, the permit year starts the day after the last day of the last summer class session and runs through the last day of the last summer class session of the following year.

Paragraph 5 - Arrangements may possibly be made through Parking Services to have payments deducted from faculty/staff paychecks for permits, depending on the employee's Employee Class Code.

Paragraph 6 - If the faculty member, staff member, or student owns or operates more than one vehicle and requests a hang tag permit, one will be issued at no additional charge. This will allow the owner/operator to transfer the one permit to each registered vehicle as needed. Alternatively the owner/operator of two vehicles may purchase an additional permit at full price. If there is more than one member of the same family working at and/or attending the University of Northern Colorado, he/she must purchase the additional permit at the original full price.

Paragraph 7 - Hang tag locking devices became available for purchase July2010. There is no longer any discount on the purchase price of a motorcycle permit as a second permit purchase.

Paragraph 8 - No vehicle can display more than one permit for the same year at any one time unless otherwise authorized by Parking Services. We advise removing all old permits.

Article 2 - Obligations, Ownership, Refunds and Guarantees

Paragraph 1 - All permits remain the property of the University of Northern Colorado at all times and may be revoked if the Manager of Parking Services determines the permit to be invalid or the person to be ineligible for the parking privileges of the permit.

Paragraph 2 - Upon sale of a motor vehicle or other change in eligibility for motor vehicle privileges under these regulations, a permit which is no longer authorized for the permit issuant must be immediately removed from the vehicle and returned to Parking Services. That is, when the issuant intends to no longer use their permit, then that permit must be returned to Parking Services. Furthermore, upon selling a vehicle that contains a UNC Parking Services permit, that permit must be removed from the vehicle and returned to Parking Services, unless it is a hang tag that will be used in another vehicle specifically by the issuant.

Paragraph 3 - A replacement permit for one removed from a vehicle sold under 4-2-2 and returned to Parking Services will be provided for $5. The $5 exchange fee will be charged for any permit exchange in which the customer provides either the original permit or a police or accident report accounting for the loss of the original permit. A replacement fee of $35 will be charged if the old permit is not returned to Parking Services and no police or accident report is provided.

Paragraph 4 - At the beginning of each semester a refund may be received for a student permit which was purchased at the beginning of that semester.The percent of the parking permit refund is based on the date of total withdrawal from classes and the date that the permit is returned to Parking Services. There will be no refunds given after the first 4 weeks of classes.

Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email