If you are a visitor to campus, there is information for temporary permits on the Visitors page.

Remember, you must display your permit properly for it to be valid.

Click HERE for instructions to buy a permit if you are a STUDENT.

  • Students will receive an annual repositionable window permit.

Click HERE for instructions to buy a permit if you are a FACULTY or STAFF member.

  • Faculty and staff members will receive an annual hang tag permit.

Permits will go on sale August 1, 2014. Parking Services will be open from 8a.m.- 5p.m. Monday-Friday to assist you.

If you experience an error while purchasing a permit, please e-mail Parking Services with your Bear #, the error #, and a description.

Student Permits (ST) are valid in all regular spaces in all regular student lots.

Student K Permits (SK) are valid in all regular spaces in the regular student lots. This permit is also valid in K-East. Which is the Student K lot near Kepner, Carter and Frasier Halls.

Graduate Assistant Permits (GA) are valid in all regular spaces in the regular student and faculty staff lots. The Graduate Assistant permit is not valid in H lot, which is the small faculty staff lot near the recreation center.

Faculty Staff Permits (FS) are valid in all of the regular spaces in regular student and faculty lots.

Faculty Staff K Permits (CK) are valid in all of the regular spaces in the student and faculty lots and K-West as well as K-East, which are the Faculty K and student K lots near Kepner, Carter and Frasier Halls.

Service Permits (SV) are valid in all regular spaces in student and faculty lots, as well as the services spaces.

We provide permits for bicycles that are on campus. These permits are not required, though they are highly recommended. They help to identify stolen bikes after it has been reported.

Annual Permits Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July
Student $255 $255 $229.5 $204 $179 $179 $153 $128 $102 $75 $50 $30 Monthly
Student K-Lot $275 $275 $248 $220 $193 $193 $165 $138 $110 $75 $50 $30 Monthly
Graduate Assistant $290 $290 $261 $232 $203 $203 $174 $145 $116 $90 $60 $30 Monthly
Faculty/Staff $290 $290 $290 $226 $226 $226 $169 $169 $169 $80 $60 $30 Monthly
Faculty/Staff K-Lot $310 $310 $310 $242 $242 $242 $180 $180 $180 $86 $60 $30 Monthly
Service $330 $330 $330 $248 $248 $248 $191 $191 $191 $92 $60 $30 Monthly


Bicycle $20 Bicycle Permits are $20 and valid for your duration at UNC. You will receive a FREE U-lock with registration.
Monthly $30 These permits are sold at supervisor's discretion


Bicycle and Monthly permits must be purchased in our office.

Annual Permits FAQ

What should I do with an expired permit?
Destroy the permit. Even expired permits link back to the original owner. To avoid a dispute over parking tickets which may not belong to you make sure no one will find your permit and try to use it.

How do I remove my window-sticker permit from my windshield?
Your student permit is a repositionable window permit which can be moved from one vehicle to another. If you have issues feel free to contact us at parking services.

Can a student get a refund on his permit?
Because we only sell annual permits now, we can give refunds to students that graduate, leave to student teach or study abroad in the spring semester. The refund amount will be based on the purchase date and the return date, and will be applied to your bill once we receive the permit.

Can I sell my permit when I leave UNC?
No, all UNC parking permits are non-transferable and issued solely for the use of the applicant. These permits remain the property of UNC Parking Services. They may not be sold, given or loaned to anyone else.

Can an employee stop permit payment payroll deductions when they leave UNC?
Yes, upon returning the permit. Click here for more detailed information.

What are K-lot permits?
K-lot permits refer to the small lots near Carter Hall and Kepner Hall, located on Central Campus. The primary candidates for purchase of the Student K-lot permits are junior and senior Business majors, PVA majors or Music majors. The Student K-lot permit allows access to K-east lot and to all other student lots on campus. A limited number of K permits are issued. If you need a K permit, purchase early! The standard student permit allows parking in all student lots on campus except for the K-east lot.

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Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email