Appealing a ciation

3 most important things you need to know about the appeals process:

  • Appeals must be filed with ten days of when the citation was issued
  • Appeals must be submitted on Parking Services' Hearing Petition Form.
  • A $10 hearing fee will be assesed for each upheld citation

Before filling out an appeal form for a citation please contact our office regarding the citation as there may be reductions that we can apply to the citation without an additional cost for the hearing.

You may request a hearing to contest the citation within ten days of the issuance of a citation.

The petitioner needs to complete a hearing petition form.

Bring or fax (970.351.1903) the form to Parking Services at Gray Hall within ten calendar days after the date the citation was issued.

The hearing petitioner should provide a good contact phone number on the hearing petition, as well as dates & times that seem particularly good or bad for scheduling the hearing.

When you file an appeal there are three possible outcomes:

  1. The ticket can be voided and there is no cost.
  2. The ticket price will be reduced plus a ten dollar court fee.
  3. The ticket will be upheld at the full price plus a ten dollar hearing fee.


Appeals FAQ

What is the purpose of the hearing fee?

The hearing fee is used to offset the cost of processing a hearing and the cost of engaging a hearing officer.

When and where are hearings held?

The hearings are held in the Parking Service Office at Gray Hall.

Who will be present at the hearings?

The petitioner, the hearing officer and any witnesses shall be present. The Parking Services office may have a member present to serve in a representative capacity.

Who is the hearing officer?

The hearing officer is a fair and impartial arbitrator, hired by Parking Services. He may be a member of the University community or the community at large. The hearing officer’s ruling is final.

What if the petitioner cannot attend a hearing in person?

If the petitioner cannot attend a hearing in person or does not wish to appear in person, his case will be heard on the basis of his written statement only. The hearing officer's decision is final. If a petitioner does not appear in person and is dissatisfied with the hearing results, a second hearing on the offense will not be granted.

What happens if the petitioner misses a scheduled hearing appointment?

If the petitioner knows that he will not be able to appear at the time scheduled, he may call to either reschedule the appointment or request that the hearing be heard on his written statement alone. If the petitioner fails to appear without prior notice to the Parking Services office, his petition will be judged on the basis of his written statement. If a petitioner does not appear in person and is dissatisfied with the hearing results, a second hearing on the offense will not be granted.

What should be included in the written statement?

The statement should include clear information explaining the citation occurrence. It should clearly state all the facts. The statement may include an explanation of circumstances that were life threatening or situations that were beyond the petitioner's control.

How does the petitioner prepare for a hearing? What evidence should be presented?

The petitioner should review the circumstances surrounding the citation and inform the hearing officer of any additional details which weren't included in the written statement. The defense should present the facts to the hearing officer in a clear, concise and orderly manner. The petitioner may bring witnesses and/or photographs to the hearing.


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Any Questions

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