Pay To Park Stations


  • The pay to park stations accept Visa Master Card and Discover as well as cash and coin
  • Please pay the exact amount that is shown on the screen because the machines do not give change.
  • The permit from the pay to park station is good in any Regular Student Lot and they are not valid in Faculty Staff lots.
  • The permit that you recieve needs to be displayed where it is visible on the dashboard so that you do not recieve a citation.
  • Be prepared to go to a second pay to park sation if the first one is found to be out-of-order.
  • If you experience a problem with any of the pay to park stations call the Parking Services office at (970) 351 - 1971
    pay to park
    Pay To Park Stations
    Time Price
    30 Minutes $0.50
    1 hour $1.00
    2 Hours $2.00
    3 Hours $3.00
    4 Hours $4.00
    12 Hours $5.00
    24 Hours $10.00



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Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email