What's New at Parking Services?

Winter Weather

As snow begins to accumulate the lines in the parking lots become less visible. Make sure to park carefully as to not double park or pack obstructing traffic or you may be subject to a citation.

Tips for parking with snow:

Survey your surroundings- be aware of where other cars are parked

Look at different landmarks-

- look at the light poles: if your car is parked in the middle of the light pole you’ve gone too far forward
- look at the curbs: your back end should be flush with the curb at the end of the row

Receive a free U-Lock when you register your bicycle with UNCPD.

The bicycle registration form is on our website CLICK HERE

Faculty/Staff Permits are now prorated quarterly

Monthly payment plans for faculty/staff/affiliated personnel who previously did not have access to payroll deductions are no longer available. If you are unable to order a payment via an URSA account, please come into Parking Services office, located in Gray Hall to discuss your new options.

During Limited Enforcement Parking Services does not ticket for the lack of a valid permit at regular parking spaces nor for an expired meter at metered spaces. All other areas and conditions--such as parking outside stall boundaries, specially marked/signed spaces, No Parking Zones, and Fire Lanes, etc.--are always enforced 24/7.

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Any Questions

  • Call the Parking Services office at (970) 351-1971 or send us an email