What's New at Parking Services?

Commuter Permits Available January 9th

Site preparation for UNC's new Campus Commons is underway and a construction fence has been erected around the site south of the University Center. B Lot parking, immediately south of the UC, is permanently closed, and there will be temporary changes at other parking lots during construction.

To encourage parking away from the construction area, 400 Y Lot-only permits are available at a significantly reduced cost. If you bought and paid full price for an annual permit at the start of the academic year, you can exchange it for a Y Lot-only permit and get a refund for the difference $115 for students or $130 for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff enrolled in the payroll deduction service since August can exchange their permits for Y Lot-only permits and no longer be charged for parking from Jan. 31 through summer.

If you didn't buy an annual permit, you can still buy one of the Y Lot-only permits, which are valid until the start of the fall 2017 semester; the cost is $119 for students and $133 for faculty and staff.

Y Lot is located north of Nottingham Field, off 20th Street/Reservoir Road. The Boomerang shuttle provides weekday bus service between central and west campus. Download the route and schedule at http://www.unco.edu/parking/pdf/BoomerangRouteMap.pdf

Y Lot-only permits are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at Gray Hall, 1813 8th Ave. To exchange your current permit, please take it with you. To receive the full refund, exchange your permit by Jan. 31. There are marked UNC Police/Parking Services visitor spaces at Gray Hall where you can park for 15 minutes to exchange or purchase a permit.

Other parking and transportation modifications during Campus Commons construction are available on the Campus Commons website.


Receive a free U-Lock when you register your bicycle with UNCPD.

The bicycle registration form is on our website CLICK HERE

Changes to Lots for Upcoming Academic Year

We made two significant changes to parking lots which will be effective starting August 1st.

Current ZE Lot will become S Lot and will be student parking only - faculty and staff parking is located in ZW. Valid permits in S Lot include ST, SK, GA, and SV. Invalid permits inlcude FS and CK.

The northern most section of I Lot will be converted to additional faculty and staff parking by becoming a part of F Lot, which is enforced 24/7. The sections of I Lot located between 23rd Street and 24th Street will remain student parking.

These changes will be included in our 2016-2017 Parking Map.



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