Office of Undergraduate Research

Summer Undergraduate Research Stipends

2014 Summer Stipend Awards

Kelsey Eickelman

Austin Seeley

Ana Caudillo

2012 Summer Stipend Awards

Holly Berg
Title: Story of a Life: Julianne Haefeli
Faculty Sponsor Sally McBeth

Erin Morgan
Title: Marijuana and its effects on college students
Faculty sponsor: Michael Phillips

Jacob Rutledge
Title: Effects of One-day Binge Ethanol Exposure on Mice
Faculty Sponsor: David Gilliam

Miles Wentland
Title: Architecture of oolitic sand bodies of the Upper Sundance Formation in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
Earth Science
Faculty Sponsor: Emmett Evanoff

2011 Summer Stipend Awards

Results are In:

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications for Summer Undergraduate Research Stipends.

The following Summer Stipends will be granted for Summer 2011, with an allotment of $750 as student employment stipend and $250 for the supplies:

Benjamin Lee
Cloning of Antibody cDNAs from the Jamaican Fruit Fly Eating Bat
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Schountz

Aaron Adamson
Development of a Large Scale Projectile Launcher for Kinematics Education
Faculty sponsor: Matthew Semak

Jordan Aken
Developing Novel Techniques in High Speed Imaging
Faculty sponsor: Jan Chaloupka

Nicholas Broeker
The Effect of Non-Linguistic Vocalizations on Emotion Perception
Faculty sponsor: Eric Peterson

Honorable Mention (awarded $250 for supplies only)
Sara Pena
Picture me as Writer: Using Photoelicitation to Explore Writing Self-Efficacy of Struggling Writers
Faculty sponsor: Jeraldine Kraver

Thank you to the judging panel:

Dr. Harvey Rude, Special Education
Dr. Sally McBeth, Anthropology
Dr. Julie Hanks, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences
Dr. Stephen Mackessy, Biology

And thank you to everyone who submitted!  There were many excellent proposals, and we wish we could fund more.  If you did not get funded this year, consider reapplying in the future!