Office of Undergraduate Research

Summer Undergraduate Research Stipends

The UNC Undergraduate Research Grant has been established to support the research of students across all departments and colleges at the University. Students may apply for a $750 summer research stipend and up to a $250 grants-in-aid for any legitimate research supplies. The supplies grant may include travel to conferences and/or the purchase of equipment or items needed that are unique to the student’s project and not covered by a mentor’s grant. Normally, grant money is not awarded for the purchase of common laboratory equipment.

Summer Undergraduate Student Research Stipends

UNC Undergraduates involved in a research project may apply to receive a stipend for summer work on their research. In order to qualify the student must meet the following:

  • Students must be undergraduates admitted into a degree program at UNC.
  • Students must be enrolled in UNC in at least 6 credits during the Spring Semester when the application for the Summer stipend is being processed.
  • Students must be actively engaged in an undergraduate project with faculty support.
  • Student must agree to follow the research stipend policies, turn in a research report, and document at least 75 hours of research work during the summer.

Research Stipends will be awarded as follows:

  • Up to $750 per student for summer research (minimum of 75 hours of research work)
  • Up to $4,000 awarded per year total

Grants in Aid for student research supplies

Students may also apply for up to $250 for research supplies as a "Grant in Aid." All expenses must be documented and funds must be used in the semester they are awarded. Students apply for both a Grant in Aid and a Research Stipend at the same time.

  • Up to $250 per project offered through application process
  • Up to $1,000 to be awarded per year total

Complete Applications must include

  • The Undergraduate Research Stipend Application
  • A proposal answering the questions on the application (3-6 pages).
  • A detailed budget of expenses and supplies for which the student is requesting grant funding. (1 page).
  • A letter of support from the faculty mentor
  • The UNC photo release form

Topics to be Covered in the Research Project Description

  • Clear definition of the role of the undergraduate researcher, including the significance of the project and the number of hours per week that student is expected to spend on the research. (For a summer stipend of $750, an average of 10 hours per week for 8 weeks would be typical. A minimum of 75 hours is required for the $750 full amount).
  • Details regarding oversight and supervision by the faculty research advisor or others involved.
  • Nature of the final research report that will be turned in by the participating student (written report, creative work, etc.).

Follow Up Work

The following materials must be submitted by the first week of the Fall semester:

  • A summary of the research performed over the summer
  • Log of completed hours signed by supervisor/faculty research advisor
  • Receipts of all items and services purchased with the grant
  • A photo journal with at least 6 photos involving the research with captions (in PowerPoint or other suitable electronic file)

Dr. Travis Boyce, Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research, is the chair of the selections committee. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty across different colleges.


The Application for 2015 Summer Stipends will be available in Spring 2015.

2014 Application Information

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