Notice of Intent to Submit (NIS)

Please complete as much of the Notice of Intent as possible. The information provided here will help the OSP staff prepare to assist you with proposal development and submission. The email address is a required field; without a valid email address, the form will not be transmitted to OSP.

You will receive a response message in your web browser immediately upon submitting the Notice of Intent. Please take a moment to read the message as it includes important information regarding your responsibilities related to financial conflicts of interest pertaining to sponsored projects.

1. Will UNC submit your proposal directly to the funding agency? (This makes UNC the Prime applicant.) If you answer yes, complete sections 3 and 5-7, below.


2. Will UNC are you working with another institution or organization that will include your scope of work and budget with a proposal they will submit to the funding agency? (This makes UNC a Sub applicant.) If you answer yes, complete sections 4 and 5-7 below.

3. Name of funding agency (Complete only if UNC is the Prime applicant in #1):

4. Name of other institution or organization (Complete only if UNC is a Sub applicant in #2):

5. Will your proposal be going to a limited submissions program (a grant program that restricts the number of proposals submitted by any one institution)?

6. Will your project involve subcontracting a part of the work to organizations or institutions outside of UNC?

If you answered yes, identify all such organizations or institutions. (use semicolon to separate):

7. Will your project involve UNC personnel other than yourself?

If you answered yes, identify the other UNC personnel, including students if applicable. For each listing, include:

  • the individual’s name (if not known at this time, indicate TDB),
  • the individual’s status (faculty, staff, or student),
  • the individual’s role on the project (Co-PI/PD, Key Personnel, or Other Personnel)

Use semicolons to separate one individual from the next.