Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2013/2014

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Elysia Clemens, Applied Psychology and Counselor Education
    Development of a Data Informed Plan to Improve the Educational Outcomes of Students in Foster Care
  • Valerie Middleton, Teacher Education
    Co-Teaching: Revisioning Teacher Education Field Experiences

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Emily Brownell, History
    Going to Ground: An Environmental History of Urban Crisis in Tanzania
  • Molly Desjardins, English
    Blood Relations: John Thelwall's The Daughter of Adoption and the Eighteenth-Century Slavery Debate
  • Phil Klein, Geography
    Esri T3G Institute: Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS
  • Corinne Lampert, History
    Marriage and Masculinities in Medieval Lucca
  • Nancy Matchett, Philosophy
    Understanding and Alleviating New Nurses' Moral Distress when Working with Culturally Diverse Populations
  • Christiane Olivo, Political Science and International Affairs
    Whose Civil Society? The Battle for Democracy in Eastern Germany
  • Sarah Romano, Political Science and International Affairs
    From Resource Management to Political Activism: Civil Society Participation in Nicaragua's Water Governance
  • Jessica Salo, Geography
    Geography Faculty Development Alliance - Workshop
  • Robert Weis, History
    God Restrains the Devil: Catholic Militancy and Popular Culture in Mexico

Monfort College of Business

  • Tod Sedbrook, Accounting and Computer Information Systems
    Workshop Training for User Interface Design

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Donald Finan, Human Sciences ASLS
    Assessment of and Effects of Impulse Noise: Recreational Firearms with Suppressors and Air-Powered Pellet Guns
  • Seth Frietze, Biological Sciences
    The Role of the Microbiome in Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity
  • Stephen Mackessy, Biological Sciences
    Combination Therapy: A Multifaceted Approach to Breast Cancer Therapy Development
  • Mehrgan Mostowfi, Mathematical Sciences
    A Testbed for Evaluating Energy-Efficient Internet Protocols: Performance Evaluation of HTTP Timed Redirection
  • Lucinda Shellito, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Professional Development at the Symposium on Climate Change and Human Impact on Central and South America
  • Ruwang Sung, Physics and Astronomy
    Creation of DNA-bridged Quantum Dot Dimers for Solar Cell Applications

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Erik Applegate, Music
    CD Recording and Production
  • Michelle Gaza, Theatre Arts and Dance
    "Voice, Body, Shakespeare" Intensive Workshop, the Linklater Center for Voice and Language
  • Nat Wickham, Music
    Compositional Intent - Accuracy in Performance Practice: The Jazz/Classical Crossover Comp.