Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2012/2013

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Michael Todd Allen, Psychological Sciences
    Investigating Heart Rate Changes Underlying Enhanced Associative Learning in Anxiety Vulnerable Individuals
  • David Gilliam, Psychological Sciences
    Do Equal Doses of Alcohol to Mothers of Two Different Mouse Strains Mean Equal Alcohol Exposure to the Pups?

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Karen Barton, Geography
    Food Deserts in the Colorado Rockies: Community Access and Adaptations Beyond the Prairie
  • Richard Bownas, Political Science & International Affairs
    The Legacy of Civil War on Low Caste Communities in Nepal
  • David Caldwell, Modern Languages
    The Aesthetic Significance of Subterranean Berlin
  • Andrew Creekmore, Anthropology
    Archaeological Geophysics Study of a Middle Bronze Age City in Erbil Province, Iraq
  • Whitney Duncan, Anthropology
    Migration and Mental Illness: Returned Migrants at Oaxaca's Public Psychiatric Hospital
  • Angela Henderson, Sociology
    What Keeps Her in the Game?: An Analysis of Female Athletes' Experience of the Feminine Apologetic
  • Nicholas Syrett, History
    American Child Bride: A History of Marriage, Sexuality, and Childhood in the United States
  • Robert Weis, History
    "God Restrains the Devil, But Not the President": Catholic Militancy and Authoritarianism in Postrevolutionary Mexico

Monfort College of Business

  • Sharon Clinebell
    Becoming Qualified for Myers-Briggs Step II

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Graham Baird, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Characterizing Deep-crustal Folding in the Eastern Adirondack Highlands, Collaborative Research with the USGS
  • Karen Hessler, Nursing
    Laboratory Prediction of Overt Type 2 Diabetes in Under-served Pregnant Women
  • Ruwang Sung, Physics and Astronomy
    Study DNA Template Nanotechnology for Complex Materials Used in Electronics and Plasmonics

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Socrates Garcia, Music
    CD Recording - Back Home