Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2011/2012

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Dave Gilliam, Psychological Sciences
    Attend the Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics
  • Robyn Hess, School Psychology
    Homelessness in the Schools: The Perspectives of Youth on Needed Educational Supports
  • Heng-Yu Ku, Educational Technology
    An Evaluation on Student Teacher Triad Model
  • Michael Phillips, Psychological Sciences
    An "In the Moment" Investigation: Exploring the Relationship between Marijuana Use, Academic Outcomes and Motivations
  • Lia Softas-Nall, Counseling Psychology
    Research on Self Stigma, Stress and Attitudes Towards Seeking Help in Greece
  • Mia Kim Williams, Teacher Education
    Innovative Pedagogy to Develop 21st Century Skills in P-12 STEM Content
  • William Woody, Psychological Sciences
    Effects of False-Evidence Ploys and Expert Testimony on Judges' Verdicts, Recommended Sentences

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Richard Bownas, Political Science & International Affairs
    Transnationalism and Social Movements in India
  • Elizabeth Franklin, Hispanic Studies
    A Study of Pedagogical and Content Knowledge of ESP Endorsed Teacher Candidates
  • George Junne, Africana Studies
    The Dearfield Dream Project: Advancing Faculty-Student Research and Engaged Scholarship
  • Jeraldine Kraver, English
    Place and Space: How Nations Narrate and Teach the Holocaust
  • John Ryan, Hispanic Studies
    A Cross-linguistic Study of the Emergence of Syntax Before Age Two
  • Steven Seegel, History
    Map Wars: Political Cartography, Patronage, and the Claiming of Europe's East, 1871-1945
  • Nicholas Syrett, History
    American Child Bride: Archival Research
  • Robert Weis, History
    Meat, Coal, and Equality: Urban Markets and Citizenship in Early Republican Mexico

Monfort College of Business

  • Joseph French, Finance
    Information Motivated Trading in Options Surrounding the Financial Crisis
  • Jay Lightfoot
    Computer Forensics Training Seminar (SANS Institute 0 Forensics 563)

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Patrick Burns, Biological Sciences
    Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Lateral Mobility of Prostaglandin FP Receptors
  • Anton Dzhamay, Mathematical Sciences
    Discrete Integrable Systems and SIDE-10 International Conference-JAPAN
  • Reid Hayward, Sport & Exercise Science
    Development of a Rat Cancer Model to Test the Effects of Exercise on Chemotherapy Efficacy
  • Steven Leth, Mathematical Sciences
    Nonstandard Methods in Combinatorial Number Theory
  • Tony Schountz, Biological Sciences
    Isolation of Tacaribe Virus from Natural Populations of Bats or Rodents

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Mark Fetkewicz, Art & Design
    Digital Narrative Design

University Libraries

  • Andrea Falcone
    Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI)