Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2010/2011

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Elysia Clemens, Counselor Education and Supervision
    An Exploration of School-based Social Networks and Suicide Risk/Protective Factors
  • Corey Pierce, Special Education
    Partnership in Assessment to Enhance Special Education Teacher Candidate Field Experiences and Me

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Lahcen Ezzaher, English
    Three Arabic Treatises in Rhetoric: The Commentaries of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes
  • Sally McBeth, Anthropology
    Pilgrimage and Sacred Sites in the American Northern Plains: Personal Narratives of Pilgrims

Monfort College of Business

  • Isaac Wanasika, Management
    A Multi-Country Study of CEO's Economizing and Strategizing Actions and Implications on Performance

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Gary Heise, Sport and Exercise Science
    The Location of the Ankle Joint in a Prosthetic Leg
  • Tony Schountz, Biological Sciences
    Lymphocyte Expression Profiling of Hamsters Infected with Hantaviruses
  • Hortensia Soto-Johnson, Mathematical Sciences
    Experts Geometric Interpretation of Complex Numbers and Complex Valued Functions

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Gal Faganel, Music
    Slovenian Music for Violoncello No. 4
  • Kenneth Womble, Theatre Arts and Dance
    Acting Business Book