Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2009/2010

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • David Gilliam, Psychological Sciences
    Assessment of Memory Deficits in Mice Following Neonatal Alcohol Exposure
  • " Maria Lahman, Applied Psychology & Research Methods
    Qualitative Research Website Research and Development
  • John Luckner, Special Education
    Improving Reading Outcomes for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing through Progress Monitoring
  • Kristina Phillips, Psychological Sciences
    Physical and Psychological Complications Associated with Methamphetamine Abuse
  • Stephen Wright, Applied Psychology & Counselor Education
    Professional Development Related to the EPPP

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Kenneth Chan, English Language & Literature
    Gender Representations in the Transnational Cinemas of the Hong Kong New Wave and 2nd Wave
  • Joseph Chaves, English
    Polite Strangers: Social and Textual Circulation in the British Atlantic Colonial World
  • Charles Collins, Geography
    Cuban Harbinger: Huertos Privados I Havana
  • Stefan Heumann, Political Science
    Linking Center and Periphery: Territorial Governors in Antebellum America
  • Deborah Romero, Hispanic Studies
    Understanding What Counts as Effective Pre-Service Teaching in ESL and non-ESL Candidates
  • Steven Seegel, History
    Icons of Power: The Modern History of Cartography in East-Central Europe
  • Troy Tomlin, History
    Almanacs and American Religious Life

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Chhandak Basu, Biological Sciences
    Analysis of Gene Expressions in Plants Under Various Environmental Conditions
  • Alena Clark, Human Sciences
    "Voice Your Health" - Using Photovoice to Enhance Health Interventions for Elementary Students
  • Lory Clukey, Nursing
    Anger Management Intervention as an Adjunct Therapy for Hypertension in People with High Trait Anger
  • Gregory DeKrey, Biological Sciences
    Platelet-parasite Interactions and Severity of Disease in Leishmaniasis
  • David Hydock, Sport & Exercise Science
    Effects of Reduced Dietary Fat Intake on Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity in Obese Rats
  • Stephen Nkansah-Amankra, Human Sciences
    Longitudinal Data Analysis of Contextual Determinants of Poor Adolescent Health in the US
  • Paul Nutter, Earth Sciences & Physics
    Weather Education for Disaster Recovery: Returning Control in a Time of Personal Crisis
  • Jeremy Smith, Sport & Exercise Science
    A Computer Model to Simulate the Effects of Prosthesis Inertia on Amputee Locomotion
  • Youngjin Song, Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Bridging Science and Diversity Education: Pre-service Elementary Teacher Preparation through Service Learning Experiences
  • Joyce Weil, Human Sciences
    Completion and Dissemination of Ethnographic Research at a Senior Center
  • Yvonne Yousey, Nursing
    Improving Smoking Cessation in Clinical Setting Through Education of Nursing Students

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Anna Ursyn, Art & Design
    Water Planet: The Integration of Art, Nature, and Science Project