Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2008/2009

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Sandy Bowen, Special Education
    Early Intervention Services for Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing from Families of Hispanic/Latino Backgrounds
  • Dave Gilliam, Psychology
    Maternal Uterine Environmental Effects on Ethanol Teratogenesis
  • Katherine Koehler-Hak, Applied Psychology & Counselor Education
    Functional Assessment and Intervention for the Prevention of Written Language Problems
  • Eric Peterson, Psychological Sciences
    The Neuropsychology of Professional Identity: An Autism Spectrum Perspective
  • Ann Sebald, Special Education
    Denver Urban Special Education Program
  • Dana Walker, Teacher Education
    Youth Radio for ELL Learning and School-Community Development
  • Marilyn Welsh - Psychological Sciences
    Thinking, Banking, & Texting: Teaching At-Risk Teens to "Be BrainWise with Money"

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Karen Barton, Social Sciences
    Greeley Voices: Engaging Community Youth through Geography and History
  • Joan Clinefelter, History
    "Here is RIAS!": Archival Research in Germany
  • Aaron Haberman, History
    Civil Rights on the Right: The Modern Christian Right and the Crusade for School Prayer
  • Erin Jordan, History
    Space, Gender and Monasticism in the Thirteenth Century
  • Jeri Kraver, English Language & Literature
    Graphic Novel Text Sets: Using Comics for Literacy Learning
  • Christiane Olivo - Political Science
    The Strength of Civil Society in Post-Communist Eastern Germany
  • Nicholas Syrett, History
    American Child Bride: A History
  • Robert Weis, History
    Bakers, Basques, and the Politics of Food in Mexico City, 1860-1940

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Rick Adams, Biological Sciences
    Using Ontogeny (Growth and Development) to Reveal the Evolution of Flight in Bats
  • Jill Bezyak, Human Sciences, and Dana Walker, Teacher Education
    A Needs Assessment to Develop Community Partnerships and Eliminate Health Disparities
  • Scott Franklin, Biological Sciences
    Importance of Clonal Integration in Aspen Restoration
  • Mark Guiberson, Human Sciences
    The Toddler Developmental-language Observational Screening
  • Reid Hayward, Sport & Exercise Science
    Effects of Exercise Training on DOX Cardiotoxicity in a Pediatric Rat Model
  • Karen Hessler, Nursing
    Nurse Practitioner Attitudes, Prevention and Treatment Practices of Childhood Overweight
  • Stephen Mackessy, Biological Sciences
    Snake Venoms as a Source of Novel Drug Development
  • Carole Schneider, Sport & Exercise Science
    Attenuation of Chemotherapy Induced Oxidative Stress Through Exercise Interventions
  • Mark Thomas, Biological Sciences
    A Novel Preparation for the Study a Synaptic Mechanisms of Schizophrenia

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Paul Elwood and Sarah Heimbecker, Music
    Open Space Festival of New Music
  • Deborah Kauffman, Music
    A Catalogue of Music from Louis XIV's Royal Convent School at Saint-Cyr