Research, Dissemination & Faculty Development Awards - 2007/2008

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Paul Klaczynski, Psychology
    The Obesity Stigmatization Among Children and Adults: An Experimental Approach
  • Heng Yu Ku
    Students' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Online Collaborative Learning
  • Fong-Yun Lee & Rick Silverman, Teacher Education
    Young Children's Mathematics Autobiography
  • Tracy Mueller, Special Education
    Special Education Litigation: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Two Regions in Crisis
  • Ann Sebald, Special Education
    What is Different About Teaching in Urban Settings for Special Education

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Aaron Haberman, History
    Civil Rights on the Right: The Modern Christian Right and the Crusade for School Prayer

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Rick Adams, Biological Sciences
    Investigating the Role of Bats in Declining Populations of African Fig Trees
  • Graham Baird, Earth Science & Physics
    Dating Deformation in the Northern Swedish Caledonias
  • Robert Brustad, Sport & Exercise Science
    Project Connect: A Collaborative Effort to Provide and Evaluate Afterschool Programming
  • Reid Hayward, Sport & Exercise Science
    Effects of Acute and Short-Term Exercise on Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity
  • Susan Keenan, Biological Sciences
    Validation of Novel Anti-malaria Drug Targets as a Result of Resistance Inducing Inhibition
  • Stephen Mackessy, Biological Sciences
    A Genomic Approach to Novel Compound Discovery in Snake Venoms
  • Megan Babkes Stellino, Sport & Exercise Science
    Psychological Predictors of Children's Recess Physical Activity

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Jason Byrnes, Music
    The Recording and Dissemination of Selected Works for Tuba and Piano
  • Anna Ursyn, Art and Design
    Interdisciplinary Art Display

University Libraries

  • Stephen Luttman, University Libraries
    Paul Hindemith: A Guide to Research, Second Edition