Provost Awards for Travel - 2012/2013 Recipients

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Paula Conroy, Special Education
    WBU/ICEVI General Assemblies: Achieving Our Vision Through Empowerment and Partnership
  • Kay Ferrell, Special Education
    World Blind Union-International Council on Education of Persons with Visual Impairment General Assemblies
  • John Mark Froiland, School Psychology
    1. Society for the Study of School Psychology
    2. American Psychological Association, Annual Conference
  • Robyn Hess, School Psychology
    American Psychological Association, Annual Convention
  • Brian Johnson, Applied Psychology and Counselor Education
    American Psychological Association, Annual Conference
  • Heng-Yu Ku, Educational Technology
    Association for Educational Communications and Technology
  • Trent Lalonde, Applied Statics and Research Methods
    American Education Research Association Annual Meeting
  • Kristina Phillips, Psychological Sciences
    Harm Reduction International Conference 2013
  • Corey Pierce, Special Education
    Council for Exceptional Children 2013 Convention and Expo
  • Gabriel Serna, Leadership, Policy and Development: Higher Education and P-12 Education - HESAL
    National Education Finance Conference
  • Todd Sundeen, Special Education
    1. Council for Exceptional Children International Convention and Expo
    2. National Conference for the Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children
  • Mia Kim Williams, Teacher Education
    Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
  • Stephen Wright, Counseling Psychology
    American Psychological Association
  • Tamara Yakaboski, Leadership, Policy and Development: Higher Education and P-12 Education - HESAL
    Association of College Unions International Annual Conference

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Sarah Allen, English
    Great Writing Conference
  • Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, English
    1. 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies
    2. 10th ASLE Biennial Conference: "Changing Nature: Migrations, Energies, Limits"
  • Travis Boyce, Africana Studies
    International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference
  • Andrew Creekmore, Anthropology
    Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting
  • Priscilla Falcon, Hispanic Studies
    National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies Conference
  • Efrain Garza, Hispanic Studies
    1. 10th Annual Southeast Coastal Conference on Languages and Literatures
    2. 3rd Biennial Florida International University Symposium-Escritoras: From Enlightenment to Modernism
  • Jeraldine Kraver, English
    Auschwitz Jewish Center Faculty Fellowship
  • Michael Kimball, Anthropology
    World Archaelogical Congress 7
  • Phil Klein, Geography
    European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) Annual Meeting
  • Sally McBeth, Anthropology
    Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting
  • Jungwon Park, Hispanic Studies
    1. Colloquium ACT29- Literature and Cultures in Portugal and Hispanic America; New Perspectives in Dialogue
    2. Latin American Studies Association 2013
  • Deborah Romero, Hispanic Studies
    American Association of Applied Linguistics
  • John Ryan, Hispanic Studies
    1. 3rd Annual International Early Language Acquisition Conference
    2. Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 67th Annual Meeting
    3. 6th Annual International Conference on Languages and Linguistics
  • Troy Tomlin, History
    American Historical Association Annual Meeting
  • Nicholas Syrett, History
    Presentation at Biennial Meeting of the Society for the History of Children and Youth

Monfort College of Business

  • John Clinebell, Finance
    Financial Management Association National Meeting
  • Joseph French, Finance
    1. AIMS International Conference on Management
    2. Allied Academics
  • Abe Harraf, Management
    10th Eurasis Business and Economics Society Conference
  • Vish Iyer, Marketing
    Clute Institute International Academic Conference
  • Michael Martin, Finance
    Allied Academics
  • Rutilio Martinez, Finance
    Clute Institute International Academic Conference
  • Denny McCorkle, Marketing
    2013 MEA Conference
  • Janice Payan, Marketing
    1. Society for Marketing Advances 50th Anniversary Conference
    2. 2013 World Marketing Congress - Academy of Marketing Science
  • James Reardon, Marketing
    The Clute Institute International Academic Conference

Natural and Health Sciences

  • Graham Baird, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    2012 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
  • Anton Dzhamay, Mathematical Sciences
    1. Eighth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena
    2. 2012 Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society
    3. "Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena 2013" International Conference
    4. "Nonlinear Equations and Complex Analysis" International Conference
  • Scott Franklin, Biological Sciences
    International Association of Vegetation Scientists
  • Richard Jurin, Biological Sciences
    7th World Environmental Education Congress
  • Jung Eun Kim, Human Sciences - Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality
    An Empirical Study of Socially Responsible Behaviors of Tourism Organizations
  • Robin Macaluso, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry 47th General Assembly and 44th World Congress
  • Carlo Guy Parker, Nursing
    American Organization of Nurse Executives 46th Annual Meeting
  • Tony Schountz, Biological Sciences
    1. American Society for Microbiology Biodefense Emerging Diseases Research Meeting
    2. American Society for Tropical Medicine Annual Meeting
  • Tina Stoody, Human Sciences ASLS
    25th Annual American Academy of Audiology Meeting and Expo
  • Igor Szczyrba, Mathematical Sciences
    Department of Mathematical Methods in Physics at the University of Warsaw

Performing and Visual Arts

  • Diane Bolden-Taylor, Music
    Vocal Master Class
  • James Hall, Music
    Recital Tour in South Africa
  • Charlotte Mills, Music
    Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
  • Stephen Pierce, Music
    Recital Tour in South Africa
  • Lei Weng, Music
    1. Concert and Masterclass in China
    2. Concert and Masterclass Tour in Asia
  • Anna Ursyn, Art and Design
    1. 9th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society
    2. 7th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices

University Libraries

  • Jay Trask, Archival Services
    Joint Meeting of the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists and Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists