Provost Awards for Travel - 2011/2012 Recipients

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Achilles Bardos, School Psychology
    International Test Commission Conference, Amsterdam and European Association for Research on Adolescents - Greece and Amsterdam
  • Betty Cardona, Counselor Education & Supervision
    American Counseling Association Annual Convention
  • Donald Finan, Human Sciences
    2012 Firearm Noise Measurement Data Collection Event
  • John Mark Froiland, School Psychology
    World Society of Motivation Scientists and Professionals: Annual Conference
    Spaces and Flows: An International Conference on Urban and Extraurban Studies
  • David Gilliam, Psychological Sciences
    International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism 16th World Congress - Japan
  • Robyn Hess, School Psychology
    Seeing Them Change, Changed Me: Parent Involvement Program for At-Risk Latino Youth - Canada
  • Brian Johnson, Counseling Psychology
    American Psychological Association Annual Convention
  • Heng-Yu Ku, Educational Technology
    American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Jennifer Murdock, Counselor Education
    National Career Development Association Annual Conference: Inspiring Careers and Empowering Lives
  • Michael Phillips, Psychological Sciences
    University of Kansas Stats Camp
  • Stephen Wright, Counseling Psychology
    American Psychological Association (APA) Annual Convention

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Sarah Allen, English
    2012 Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America
  • Karen Barton, Geography
    Rural Grocery Store Summit: Strengthening our Stores, Strengthening our Communities
    Meetings of the Association of American Geographers
    International Symposium on Society and Resource Management - Canada
  • Travis Boyce, Africana Studies
    National Council for Black Studies 36h Annual Conference
  • Joseph Chaves, English
    Sociability in Great Britain and in France in the Enlightenment
  • James Doerner, Geography
    North American Dendroecological Fieldwork
  • Elizabeth Franklin, Hispanic Studies
    Center for Mexican American Studies and Research Conference at Our Lady of the Lakes University
  • Efrain Garza, Hispanic Studies
    2012 Kentucky Foreign Languages Conference
  • Jeffrey Houser
    Second International Sociology Association Forum: Social Justice and Democratization - Argentina
  • Joonok Huh, English
    2012 Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas Conference
  • Jeraldine Kraver, English
    Eigth International Conference on Holocaust Education - Israel
  • Sally McBeth, Anthropology
    The Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas
  • April Miller, English
    Performing New Media: 1890-1915: 12th Annual Domitor Conference - England
  • Deborah Romero, Hispanic Studies
    Researching New Media Literacies among Multilingual/Multicultural Youth and Their Teachers; Leveraging University-School-Community - Canada
    Strengthening Latino Male College Success
  • John Ryan, Hispanic Studies
    I Encuentro de jovenes investigadores y doctores en Filologia, Linguistica y Literatures Romanicas y areas afines - Spain
  • Jose Suarez, Hispanic Studies
    II International Symposium - Spain
    Representation of the Orient and the "Oriental" in the Americas the the Iberian Penisula - Morocco
    Second Asian Conference on Literature and Libraianship - Japan
  • Nicholas Syrett, History
    Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association
  • Christine Talbot, Women's Studies
    Spiritual Matters/Matters of the Spirit: 3rd Annual Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Conference

Monfort College of Business

  • John Clinebell, Finance
    International Academy of Business and Economics
  • Joseph French, Finance
    Society of Interdisciplinary Business Research - Thailand
    Eastern Finance Association
    7th International Conference on Asian Financial Markets - Japan
  • Abe Harraf, Management
    International Conference on Innovation, Management, and Services, United Arab Emirates
    16th International Business Research Conference in Dubai - Turkey
  • Michael Martin, Finance
    Past, Present, and Future of Covert Marketing: Implications for Marketing and Public Policy Special Session 2012 Public Policy
  • Denny McCorkle, Marketing
    Marketing Educator's Association Conference
  • James Reardon, Marketing
    International Technology, Education and Development Conference - Spain
  • Isaac Wanasika, Management
    First Interdisciplinary International Conference: Catholic University of East Africa - Kenya

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Rick Adams, Biological Sciences
    Global Risk Forum: One Health Summit 2011 - Switzerland
  • Graham Baird, Earth Science & Physics
    2011 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting
  • Danielle Brittain, Human Sciences
    12th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine - Hungary
  • Cathleen Craviotto, Mathematical Sciences
    International Conference on Scientific Computing 2011 - Italy
  • Anton Dzhamay, Mathematical Sciences
    NEEDS (Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems) 2012 International Conference - Greece
    Collaborative Project: Discrete Hamiltonian Structure of Schlesinger Transformation - China
  • Katrina Einhellig, Nursing
    23 Annual International Nursing Research Conference - Australia
  • Diane Gaede, Nursing
    BEST EN Think Tank XII Tourism Conference: Mobilities and Sustainable Tourism - France
  • Mitchell McGlaughlin, Biological Sciences
    Vienna International Plant Conference Association Molecular Ecology - Austria
  • Carol Roehrs, Nursing
    Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Tau International: 23rd International Nursing Research Congress - Australia
  • Mary Jo Stanley, Nursing
    Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Tau International: 23rd International Nursing Research Congress - Australia
  • Tina Stoody, Human Sciences
    Audiology NOW! American Academy of Audiology Convention and Expo

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Jonathan Bellman, Music
    17th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music
  • Gal Faganel, Music
    Master Classes, Presentation and Performances in Taiwan, Recruiting in Taiwan and South Korea - Taiwan.
  • James Hall, Music
    Asuncion Winter Music Festival - Paraguay
  • Caleb Harris, Music
    Concerts with Soprano, Tiffany Blake, and Flutist, Michelle Stanley - Scotland and France .
  • Deborah Kauffman, Music
    15th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music - England
  • Melissa Malde, Music
    National Conference of the College Music Society
  • Richard Mayne, Music
    UNC Wind Ensemble Tour of China - China
  • Kenneth Singleton, Music
    UNC Wind Ensemble Tour of China - China
  • Lei Weng, Music
    Concert and Masterclass in Tianjin - China
    Recital and Masterclass in China - China
    UNC Wind Ensemble Tour of China - China
  • Anna Ursyn, Art and Design
    ACM SIGGRAPH, International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
    Generative Art Conference

University Libraries

  • Andrea Falcone
    American Library Association Midwinter Meeting