Provost Awards for Travel - 2008/2009 Recipients

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Betty Cardona, Applied Psych & Counselor Education
    Marital and Couples Therapy: A New Research-Based Approach
  • David Gilliam, Psychological Sciences
    Research Society on Alcoholism Poster Presentation
  • Heather Helm, Applied Psych & Counselor Education
    How to Write a CACREP Self-Study Workshop
  • Corey Pierce, Special Education
    Attend the Council for Exceptional Children 2009 Convention and Expo
  • Dana Walker, Teacher Education
    Youth Media Professional Development
  • Stephen Wright, Applied Psych & Counselor Education
    Looking Back on Lessons Learned: Reflections on Experiences in Advanced Classes

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Sarah Allen, English Language & Literature
    Rhetorical Practices in the Pre-Christian Celtic World
  • Karen Barton, Social Sciences
    Conference Presentations at "ICACD" and Participation in "CIEE Faculty Seminar" in Accra
  • Karen Barton, Social Sciences
    Paper Presentation at the National Council for Geographic Education Conference
  • Laura Connolly, Economics
    CEU Summer University Course on Complex Systems and Social Simulations
  • Rhonda Corman, Social Sciences
    New England Complex Systems Institute Summer School
  • Ann Keller-Lally, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
    Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT 2009)
  • Jeraldine Kraver, English Language & Literature
    Professional Development in the Strategic Instructional Model (SIM) and Implementation of SIM Methods into an Intervention Developed with Partners at the Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Jeraldine Kraver, English Language & Literature
    Conference on College Composition and Communication - Komposishun Counterculture: Comix Theory Meets Writing Practice
  • Michelle Low, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
    Chinese Initiative Faculty Conference
  • Nancy Matchett, History, Philosophy, & Political Science
    Virtual Virtue: Meeting the Challenges of eLearning Leadership
  • Nancy Matchett, History, Philosophy, & Political Science
    Sharing What We Know and Defending What We Value
  • Phillip Reichel, Human Sciences
    United Nations Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Presentations
  • Robert Weis, History, Philosophy, & Political Science
    The Eugenics of Geography: Engineers of the Porfiriato
  • Sharon Wilson, English Language & Literature
    Margaret Atwood and the Fairy Tale: Oryx and Crake

Monfort College of Business

  • Jay Lightfoot, Accounting & Computer Information Systems
    Computer Forensics Training Seminar (SANS Institute- Security 508)

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Lory Clukey, Nursing - $2,540
    Importance of Developing Nurse Caring Behaviors for Family Centered Trauma Care
  • Anton Dzhamay, Mathematical Sciences
    "Discrete Integrable Systems" program at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK
  • Anton Dzhamay, Mathematical Sciences
    International Workshop on Nonlinear and Modern Mathematical Physics, Shihezi, China
  • Missy Parker, Sport & Exercise Science
    International Travel and Professional Development Support
  • Megan Babkes Stellino, Sport & Exercise Science
    Measuring Children's Physical Activity: Pictorial Self-Reports to Augment Pedometer Data

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Eric Applegate, Music
    A Self-Designed Program of Professional Development in Jazz Composition
  • Mary Schuttler, Theatre Art & Dance
    Arts Advocacy Day: The National Arts Action Summit
  • Connie Stewart, Art & Design
    Leadership Institute for Learning in and Through the Arts at UNC
  • Lei Weng, Music - $1,800
    Masterclasses and Concerto Tour in Kaohsiung, Taiwan ?
  • Lei Weng, Music - $4,000
    Concert Tour and Masterclasses at Major Conservatories and Universities in Asia - Summer 2009
  • Lei Weng, Music - $2,600
    Extensive Concerto Tour and Masterclasses in Taiwan
  • Juliet White-Smith, Music
    Travel to Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Ken Womble, Theatre Art & Dance
    Foreign Exchange Program Between STAD and Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia

University Libraries

  • Gregory Heald, University Libraries
    Frye Leadership Institute Fellowship