Provost Awards for Travel - 2007/2008 Recipients

Education & Behavioral Sciences

  • Lori Peterson, Special Education
    SIM Learning Strategies Institute for Preservice

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Karen Barton, Social Sciences
    Travel Support for NEH "Andean Worlds" Professional Development Summer Institute
  • Karen Barton, Social Sciences
    Conference Presentations at "ICACD" and Participation in "CIEE Faculty Seminar" in Accra
  • Paul Hodapp, History, Philosophy, & Political Science
    Travel to Two Conferences for Presentations
  • April Miller, English Language & Literature
    Representations of Female Criminality in French Silent Film

Monfort College of Business

  • James Reardon, Marketing
    Learning and Disseminating PLS Statistical Methods        

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Jennifer Clarke, Biological Sciences
    Travel to International and National Behavior and Communication Meetings
  • Diane Gaede, Human Sciences - $4,650
    Sustainability and Sense of Place - the Community/Economy Connection
  • Mary Jo Stanley, Nursing
    Assessing Prevalence of Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Suspended Middle School Students

Performing & Visual Arts

  • Gillian McNally, Theatre Art & Dance
    Theatre for Young Audiences: Examining Modern Culture and Student Empowerment through the International Perspective
  • Lei Weng, Music
    Concert Tour and Masterclasses at Major Conservatories and Universities in Asia - Summer 2008