Annual Scholarly Activity Travel Grants (ASATs)

The Annual Scholarly Activity Travel Support (ASATS) program for faculty and staff travel will be discontinued effective July 1, 2015. Applications for travel that starts before July 1, 2015, will be accepted and processed. Applications for travel that starts on or after July 1, 2015, will not be accepted. The ASATS application form will be removed from the OSP website on June 30.

Please contact your Dean's office for information about additional funding that is to be made available for faculty development and travel in place of ASATS awards.

UNC supports the research and scholarly activities of faculty and professional staff members by providing travel support to those who are invited to make scholarly presentations at professional meetings or conferences. Presentations of papers, poster sessions, and performances or displays of creative works are eligible activities. Other activities such as teaching or presenting workshops will not be supported.

All faculty and professional staff members are eligible for ASATS funding.

Full-time applicants may receive $800 annually to reimburse travel costs allowable under UNC travel procedures. Those applicants who are serving as the lead principal investigator or project director on an externally funded award of $100,000 or more and that pays the full F&A costs allowed by the sponsor are eligible to receive an additional $200, or up to $1,000 annually, during each year the external grant is active.

Part-time faculty and professional staff members are eligible for ASATS awards prorated by their FTE, for example a 0.5 FTE applicant may receive $400 annually, or $500 if serving as a lead PI/PD as described above.

ASAT awards are tracked by fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), based on the dates of travel.

There are no deadline dates for ASAT applications; however, they must be received by OSP at least two weeks prior to the start of the planned travel. Applications submitted later than this will not be considered, and awards will not be made retroactively.

Internal Award Procedures
The procedures provide a consistent method for handling internal awards to accommodate new university budget guidelines; they apply to Provost Fund Grants, FRPB Grants, OSP Travel Grants, and Summer Support Initiative Awards..

Power Point of Internal Award Procedures training