Funding Notifications

A number of services provide email notices of funding opportunities. Receive automated notifications by registering for any of the following:


Notices of new and revised funding opportunities are delivered to you as they are published Registration and creation of a personal profile are required. OSP will help with this if requested; contact Arlene Hansen at 351-1932.

GRC Alerts

The Grants Resource Center funding database, GrantSearch, allows you to sign up for email notifications of funding opportunities that match the academic subject areas and types of grant activities you select.

To select only the subjects and activities you want, click on the "Add" buttons, and a list will appear from which you will may select those you want. The two links below may help in making your selections. Subscription Services

Notices of new and updated grant opportunities are delivered to you as they are posted to Several subscription options are available: RSS Feed, Updates, All Grants Notices, Notices Based on Advanced Criteria, and Notices Based on Funding Opportunity Number.

NSF E-mail Updates

Sign up for this service to receive email notices when new content is added to the NSF website in the categories you select. In addition to notices of funding opportunities by program area, you may also choose to receive notices of NSF discoveries, events, publications, etc.

NIH Guide Listserv

NIH funding opportunities are published daily. At the end of the week, subscribers to the Listserv are sent a table of contents for the week, including links to week’s funding opportunity and program announcements. To subscribe, send an email to with the following text as the body of the message (not as the subject line): subscribe NIHTOC-L your name.

Foundation Center Weekly E-Newsletters

The RFP Bulletin - recently announced requests for proposals Arts Funding Watch, Education Funding Watch, and/or Health Funding Watch