GRC Funding Alert Activity Definitions

Centers/Institutes: Support to establish, maintain or expand specialized institutional units that serve as a focal point for research, training or provision of services.

Collaborative Activities: Supports projects that must be undertaken in conjunction with other individuals or organizations. Programs may provide salary support for an individual to collaborate with colleagues at other institutions, organizations, government labs, or other facilities. Institutional support may be provided for cooperative projects with other organizations.

Conferences/Workshops: Support for meetings, workshops or seminars.

Construction/Renovation: Support the building or renovation of instructional or research facilities.

Curriculum/Materials Development: Support to plan or revise a course of study, or to develop related educational materials.

Demonstration/Model Projects: Support to develop and/or conduct projects that represent new or improved approaches that might be replicated in other settings.

Direct Services, Provision of: Support to provide educational or social services directly to individuals.

Dissemination/Outreach: Support for projects to disseminate information on projects’ results to other potential users or to provide assistance to underserved groups.

Equipment Acquisition or Development: Support for projects to purchase, develop, or upgrade equipment for instructional or research purposes.

Evaluation/Assessment: Support for the systematic assessment of a project’s worth or merit, that emphasizes information-processing and feedback. Projects may include descriptive studies, implementation analyses, and formative evaluations.

General Operating Support: Provides unrestricted funds to an institution or organization to help cover its basic operating costs, rather than supporting a particular project or activity.

Graduate or Dissertation Support: Provides funds to students to cover the costs of graduate study and/or preparation of the dissertation. Funds may be awarded directly to individuals or through an institution, which is then responsible for selecting the recipients.

International: Provides support for research or education on international topics, or projects to internationalize the campus.

New Investigator/Career Development Awards: Provides funds to help less-established faculty develop research careers, or to support more experienced investigators to develop or test a new idea.

Planning Grants: Provides support for projects that plan, refine, conduct preliminary analyses, and/or otherwise provide background preparation for the submission of a larger grant. 

Policy Studies: Supports research or related activities designed to yield new information or knowledge that will assist decision-makers in the formulation of public policies at the local, state or national levels.

Publications/Translations/Exhibitions/Productions: Provides support to publish literary or scholarly works; to translate texts from another language into English; to exhibit artistic or cultural works; or to produce musical or theatrical events.

Research Project Support: Provides support for a specific scholarly research project where the emphasis is on the research rather than the career development of the researcher.

Small Grants/Pilot Studies/Seed Money: Provides support for start-up funds or for projects in need of a small amount of funding, usually under $50,000.

Training: Provides funds to individuals to receive training in a particular skill area, discipline or methodology, or to an institution to provide such training.

Undergraduate Support: Provides support directly to undergraduate students, or for projects to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.

Visiting Personnel/Institutional Academic Exchanges: Provides support to allow institutions to bring individuals to campus for special activities and/or to operate academic exchanges with other institutions. Does not support projects to fund individual activities.