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SPINPlus is a collection of three web based modules designed to help identify targeted sources of grant and contract funding, provide automatic notices of opportunities, and locate potential collaborators.

As a subscription service, SPINPlus is available to UNC faculty, staff and graduate students when using a UNC Internet log in.

Sponsored Programs & Information Network (SPIN)

The SPIN module allows you to perform customized searches for funding opportunities in your areas of interest from government, private, and non-profit sponsors.

Search SPIN - select detailed search criteria to identify targeted opportunities in the database

Global Expertise Network for Industry, Universities, & Scholars (GENIUS)

The GENIUS module allows you to add a professional profile, much like an on-line CV, to an international database of university faculty expertise. You may restrict viewing of your profile to UNC or make it available to thousands of scholars and researchers worldwide. Through GENIUS, you can search for collaborators, identify others working in your areas of interest, and advertise your own work and interests.

After the initial profile is created, it may also be used to automatically create multiple, customizable CVs. Maintaining a profile with current information such as new grant awards or publications is quick and easy.

OSP will assist with developing GENIUS Profiles.

SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal System (SMARTS)

SMARTS is a behind-the-scenes module that links your GENIUS profile with the SPIN funding database. Information from your profile is coupled with keywords and other filtering criteria reflecting your interest areas to automatically generate e-mail alerts as new relevant funding opportunities become available.

Reviewing the SPINPlus keyword thesaurus may help select keywords that produce the best matches when performing specific searches or when setting up SMARTS criteria for email alerts. (Please note, the keyword thesaurus is a large file that may take some time to open.) Direct questions about SPINPlus to Arlene Hansen at 351-1932.

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GRC GrantSearch

GrantSearch is produced by the Grants Resource Center, a division of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities that assists its member institutions become more competitive in pursuing grant funding.

GrantSearch is available to all UNC faculty, staff and students. It does not require individual registration; but, like SPINPlus, it is accessible only when using a Internet log in.

If you are asked for a username and password, they are available on the ExPRES SharePoint website (the SharePoint log in is your current UNC username and password) or from any OSP staff member.

You may also receive email GRC Alerts of funding opportunities that match the academic areas and activities you select.

Because UNC is a member of the Grants Resource Center, its staff serves as our liaison with Federal granting agencies in Washington. GRC will assist with your grant seeking efforts in the following ways:

  • providing individual assistance if your searches of the database have not identified potential sponsors (please do not contact GRC before you have exhausted your own search of the database)
  • obtaining copies of previously funded proposals in specific grant programs
  • arranging for meetings with program officers at Federal granting agencies in Washington D.C.

Contact Michele Schwietz at 351-2161 or Arlene Hansen at 351-1932 if you would like to speak with UNC’s GRC liaisons about these services.

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In addition to being the primary electronic submission portal for grant applications to Federal agencies, is also a database of grant programs from the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. 

There are a number of search options, including searching by agency, keyword, and category (arts, education, health, etc.).You may also search for a specific grant program by its funding opportunity number or CFDA number.


NSF Funding Opportunities

The National Science Foundation provides a Finding Funding option that allows searching by keyword for funding opportunities and for awards made the previous year.

Search NSF Funding Opportunities

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NIH Funding Opportunities

The National Institutes of Health provide an option to use keywords for searching for funding opportunities in the NIH Guide for Grants & Contracts as well as browsing active funding opportunities and recent policies and guidelines, and viewing weekly issues of the Guide.

Search NIH Funding Opportunities

Foundation Directory Online

From the Foundation Center, this online directory provides access to current information on grantmakers and their grants. Some 100,000 foundation, corporate giving programs, and public charities and over two million recent grants, as well as a 500,000 key decision makers.

UNC does not subscribe to the Directory; however, it is available to the public for on site use at the Farr Library, 1939 61st Avenue, in Greeley. It is also available at the Denver Public Library.